Arlington gallery aiming to elevate DC’s art scene


Arlington, Virginia — As the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic approaches, it seems like the best time to look back on yourself.

There is no better way to acquire a stake than to immerse yourself in a gallery of artistically designed mirrors that are inevitably a component of the art that is valued.

This is a good metaphor for the entire art scene in the Washington, DC region. With a mirror, you can see our own local art scene swallowed up by the shadows of New York City, where many DC artists are selling and exhibiting their work.

“DC has and will continue to be a destination for art. There are many great artists here,” said Margaret Bucke, owner of Friends Art Space. “We have a lot of good museums and a lot of good galleries, but people often ask for art in New York. The DC art scene isn’t well-publicized.”

“I love design for collectors, so I thought Miller would be a good first show, an accessible part of design for collectors,” said Margaret Bucke, owner of Friends Art Space.

Collectable design is a concept that incorporates everyday objects into works of art.

“Some people are looking at themselves, others are seeing a comical thing like a smiley face reflected in me,” said art lover Eve White. “Color, light, and how everything harmonizes.”

At the Mirror Gallery exhibition, which ended in December, 13 artists were exhibited.

“What I find very unique in this gallery is what Margaret brings to the DC area: collectible designs,” said artist Jomo Tariq, who was exhibiting his work.

“Margaret could do a lamp show, which would have been exciting, but the mirrors gave us the opportunity to see each other, so you’re experiencing the work at several different levels. “Masu,” White said.

“Things always start small and bloom, so I hope this helps the DC area,” says Tariku.

From Saturday, January 29th to mid-March, Friends Art Space is hosting an exhibition titled “Earth Mother Bloom”. A collection of works exhibited by Baltimore-based artist Hoesy Corona.

According to the description of the gallery of the upcoming exhibition:

“The intricately layered ponchos are cut from industrial weathering vinyl and woven with leather straps around the edges. The colorful scenes show mothers and other travelers traveling. Poncho has evolved from the ephemera of the sculptures and costumes worn as part of Corona’s performance. To be exhibited as a call for hope and protection, these are included in archive art works. It reminds us of unstable and sometimes dangerous thoughts about belonging. Each poncho is a wish and prayer for safety and prosperity. “

Visits to the studio are by appointment only. Contact Margaret Bucke at m[email protected] Learn more about Friends Art Space.

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