Art with heart: B.C. artists are saying thanks to frontline staff by offering them their works


BC artists use their skills and creativity to thank frontline workers for their original work through an online platform.

Artists can donate their work by posting it on the Arthanks website. On this website, each available work is displayed in a photo. The frontline workers can then browse the options and request a work of art.

“We connect the two. Here’s the art, here’s the recipient. Gather at a social distance and pass it on,” said North Vancouver, who came up with this idea. Said David McLean, an artist based in.

“When you give a work of art, it’s a kind of original, it’s a little different, it’s more than just a one-off gratitude,” he added.

McLean says that the concept of Arthanks was formed when he realized he was painting more during a pandemic.

“I was getting more and more crazy about the sadness that frontline workers were suffering from … and I thought,” What did I do? ” Well, nothing.I did little or nothing to help, “he said of the CBC. Initial version On thursday.

McLean began offering his art to friends and family who are front-line workers, including nurse Robin White, whom he met at a Deep Cove cafe.

White said the two had discussed their profession, and McLean offered her one of his pieces after noticing the design of the wolf in the sweater.

“It just happened … he was donating a work of art related to the wolf, and I couldn’t say no, it’s a beautiful work of art,” White said.

McLean contacted a friend of the local art scene, Ginger Sedlarova, and informally donated about 20 works of art to help recruit volunteers and expand the initiative.

Since the initiative started last summer, it has donated about 40 works, and is currently soliciting donations from more artists.

The works currently on display include paintings, vases and other pottery.

He welcomes all frontline workers to demand works of art, including those working in the face of customer service, such as healthcare professionals, educators, and grocery store clerks. I said there is. COVID, according to the Arthanks website.

White said that when he received the gift, he remembered that people were grateful for the contributions of frontline workers.

“It’s great to be recognized. We’re all working very hard and it’s been going on for so long …” she said. “I know there are people who are grateful and I am really grateful.”


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