Art world’s Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont break up

Art world’s Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont break up

Well, make that Unefam Noir.

Mickalene Thomas and Raquel Shev Lemont — an enthusiastic art power couple calling themselves Deux Femmes Noires — have been together for 11 years shortly after holding a fuss show together at the Hamptons art mecca, Parrish Art Museum in Water. A factory that broke romance.

Artist Thomas and consultant Chevremont curated “Set It Off” and appeared as a couple in a flashy feature in an interview magazine to promote the exhibition.

However, Page Six has heard that they were done romantically and will end their commitment as Deux Femmes Noirs before splitting professionally.

“We have ended our long-term relationships, but as Deux Femmes Noires we continue to promise to complete our current project,” Thomas and Chevremont told Page Six in a joint statement.

Mikarine Thomas and Rachel Shev Lemonto
This pair works together under the name DeuxFemmesNoires.
LACMA Getty Images

The pair first met when Chebremont was involved in the acquisition at Harlem’s Studio Museum in 2002 and Thomas was an artist-in-residence.

They didn’t start dating until they met again in Paris in 2011. According to the site Only Natural Diamonds, Thomas was an artist living in Monet’s mansion in Giverny, France, and Chevremont happened to be in the city. Both were married at that time.

Thomas proposed New Year’s Eve in 2020. Chevermont tells the site: myself? ‘”

They launched Deux Femmes Noires in 2018, providing a platform for women, colorful people and queer artists. They worked on Volta Fair’s “The Aesthetics of Matter” that year and “Brand New Heavies” at Pioneer Works last year.

Mikarine Thomas and Rachel Shev Lemonto
Thomas’ work featuring Chevremont sold for $ 1.8 million.
ICP Getty Images

Thomas is a leading artist known for his work with acrylics and rhinestones. Chebremont’s collage, titled “Raquel Reclining in a Purple Jumpsuit,” sold for $ 1.8 million last year at Christie’s New York.

Having worked as an art consultant for shows such as Empire, Chevremont recently created a headline to curate the character Lisa Todd Wexley’s art collection in the new Sex and the City series And Just Like That. rice field.



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