Artificial Sky Shines Hope on Mental Health

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Artificial Sky Shines Hope on Mental Health

The proper use of nature in the interior decoration of your home, office, healthcare facility, school, waiting area, and other places with limited natural light has been widely discussed and investigated, and has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental health, and patient outcomes , supports pain management and encourages a degree of well-being among people, patients, visitors and staff.

Artificial sky sets a new standard for virtual skylights worldwide. Artificial Sky’s unique human-centric light source creates the impression of sunlight anytime, anywhere, delivering hyper-realistic virtual sky and virtual sun to indoor locations that may not have access to natural lighting windows. The artificial sky can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or anywhere you want to provide a realistic 3D image of the natural scenery of the distant sun, stars or moon and its adjacent sky.

Artificial skies are multimodal digital cinematic illusions of real-life natural scenes that improve people’s well-being by providing a lovely, soothing focus in a solitary setting, especially for those who don’t have time to go out regularly to see nature. in life. It can provide a nice break from their stressful routine and work life.

Promote mental health and improve health

The artificial sky offers designers, engineers and property managers a new technology to provide residents with a normal circadian rhythm in environments without natural sunlight. The artificial sky brings hope to mental health design and well-being by giving nature a free way to go anywhere, anytime.

A visual link to nature and sunlight is one of the most needed elements in any structure, be it a workplace, school or healthcare environment. The artificial sky provides you with beautiful sunlight and natural vistas throughout the day, and no matter which room you choose to light, the light is just right. At night, the virtual skylight transforms into a beautiful moonlit sky, helping you fall asleep naturally and in sync with the rhythm of your body. It can be used in various places such as:

Workspace and facility design

By restoring sunlight and simulating open skies, artificial skylights can transform enclosed office environments, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Artificial sky lighting will improve employee mood and ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

Healthcare Design

Our virtual skylights allow patients to visually connect with nature and create a customized patient experience, one of the most effective ways to help them relax and improve their mood. Artificial skylights are suitable for heavy task lighting but are relaxing enough for breathing rooms, patient treatment, examination rooms and waiting areas. Artificial Sky products are found in hundreds of hospitals and medical centers around the world. They are the perfect human-centred light for ceilings and walls in windowless medical environments.

Classroom Design, K-12 and Higher Education

Artificial skylights allow secluded classrooms and confined spaces to benefit from natural light. Throughout the school day, having a visual connection to natural sunlight can improve academic performance and concentration, and promote creativity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of global lockdowns, social isolation, lack of connectivity, and unemployment and inequality have significantly impacted people’s mental health. Fortunately, as more digital and VR solutions are rolled out and employee demand increases, efforts to find new ways to treat mental health are increasing, and more organizations are investing in building a A healthy and resilient workforce and designing spaces for better mental health. While the metaverse and VR (virtual reality) can transport you to a faraway place for part of the day, eventually you have to take off your headset And without the artificial sky overhead, you’d still be in the same windowless environment, forced to work, study or live in unhealthy conditions for most of the day or night.

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About the artificial sky

Artificial Sky, a SDVOSB (Serving Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business) registered company located in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is the world’s largest backlit sky ceiling, LED skylight, virtual sky ceiling system and immersive 360-degree panoramic mural .

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