Artist Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu brings vibrancy and randomness to Singapore

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Colombian artist Didier’Java’Matthew is probably one of Singapore’s most famous artists. Especially known for his mural art inspired by his unique graffiti. Thanks to lyf one-north Singapore’s latest project, Jaba is now Singapore’s largest artist known for mural artwork.

A really huge mural

The first dedicated residence in Singapore, lyfone-north Singapore was created to provide accommodation for a wide variety of people working at Singapore’s research and innovation hub. One of its unique points, and the reason why Jaba was involved, is the idea of ​​incorporating art into everyday life using programs such as #lyfxart.

“This 7-story building, which is more than 25 meters high, is Singapore’s tallest privately-developed mural,” explains Jaba. “It took me three months to conceptualize and one month to paint. The murals in lyfone-north Singapore [now] It was completed. We are very excited to be able to showcase the final artwork at the upcoming Grand Opening of the Colliving Property. “

Java actually used a jury rigging gondola to physically paint the entire project herself.

“It was a challenging project because I had to paint literally like a printer by drawing a series of stripes from right to left to complete the mural. It was a gondola with a rig that only moved vertically. I had to complete all the stripes completely before I could move the gondola rig to the left and continue painting. I needed a total of 5 stripes to complete the entire mural. was!”

Jaba says the concept behind the mural was inspired by “one northern vibrancy as a hub for research and innovation.”

“The murals represent the desire for a future Utopia planet, where nature is interwoven into a sustainable city filled with green and biocompatible designs, connected by a highly sophisticated transportation system. This reflects the dynamic and innovative spirit of both the 1 North District and the lyf 1 North Singapore.

“Through the murals, I would like to portray how lyf in northern Singapore functions as a connecting node to invigorate communities, individuals and experiences.

Mural painting by lyfone artist Didier Jaba Mathieu in northern Singapore 3
Image: lyf one in northern Singapore

“The most difficult part of the design was the proper integration of lyf’s round windows in northern Singapore into the entire design. This optical illusion was due to the trees planted in front of the building obstructing the view of the entire mural. It was difficult to implement the idea of ​​using a pipe from a particular point of view to give it. When creating the shape of a pipe, we needed to be 100% sure of the correct direction of the line. “

According to Jaba, the lyf one-north Singapore project is an example of mural art, not graffiti. Graffiti’s main theme revolves around lettering the tags themselves. This is the main theme. The only thing they have in common is the technology using spray cans. “

Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism in Singapore

Java’s particular style is described as a combination of “cubism, futurism, constructivism”.

“My first artistic influence was mainly from the world of graffiti and the artists who were in front of me. These artists are mainly from New York and are featured in the book” Subway Art “. Another major influence came from European comic artists such as Mobius, Bilal, Druye and Francan, “says Java.

“Japanese artists like Miyazaki and Katsuhiro Otomo have had a great influence on my art. Inspiration and influence are everywhere in nature and in the art history of all continents and eras. I believe.

Mural painting by lyfone artist Didier Jaba Mathieu in northern Singapore 4
Image: lyf one in northern Singapore

“I think the graffiti and murals accepted in Singapore are definitely good, as they bring vibrancy and randomness to a very well-designed city overall.”

According to Java, Singaporean artists have enough creativity and talent, but he believes that more “confidence and opportunity for everyone” is needed.

“Graffiti is always considered incompatible in the art world. In the distant future, graffiti will get the reputation and recognition it deserves, but only when it no longer exists as the purest form. Not immediately! “

For more information on Didier’Jaba’ Mathieu, follow him on Instagram @didierjabamathieu. You can also visit for more information on Mural Lingo. For more information on lyf one-north Singapore, please visit

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Main image: Didiel’Java’ Matthew

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