Artist Jeff Koons to send sculptures to the moon

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American artist Jeff Koons has announced that he will send some of his sculptures to the moon later this year. This sculpture will be sold on Earth in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a digital asset that rocks contemporary art. market.

“We are very pleased to announce our first NFT project, the Moon Phase, which is rooted in humane and philosophical thinking,” the artist wrote in a Twitter post.

“Space exploration has given us a perspective on our ability to transcend worldly constraints,” he adds.

Accompanying the tweet is a video of Koons with round eyes talking about humanity’s achievements in front of a circular projection of light, like a child playing a shadow play.

“Space exploration has given us a perspective of our ability to transcend worldly constraints. These ideas are at the heart of my NFT project and on and off our planet. It can be understood as a continuation and blessing of humanity’s ambitious achievements, “the artist said in the video.

Koons is famous for his kitsch and giant sculptures such as “Balloon Dog” and “Rabbit”. The latter is one of three identical stainless steel sculptures in 1986 and currently holds a record of the most expensive works sold by living artists at auction, with 91 million in Christie’s in 2019. You have won a dollar (82 million euros). US pop artists have an estimated $ 400 million (Euro 359 million) worth.

Shoot towards the moon

Details of the project have not yet been revealed.

Koons’ representative New York City Pace Gallery has not yet announced the number and size of sculptures aimed at the moon, but said the work will remain permanently on the lunar surface of a transparent heat-coated small satellite. I am. The launch of the spacecraft is a US private company, Intuitive Machines.

The gallery has announced plans to land objects on a part of the moon called Oceanus Procellarum in front of a planet facing the Earth. It travels 240,000 miles (386,400 kilometers) in about three days on average between the Earth and the Moon.

The landing area gallery plan will be a “moon heritage”. NASA is aiming for a test flight of a satellite called Artemis 1 in May. This will be an unmanned lunar mission. The actual landing with the crew and art could take place as early as 2026.

The gallery has announced that it will reveal more about the moon-bound work in the coming weeks.

One huge NFT for humanity

One NFT for each sculpture on the moon is provided via Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s NFT platform. According to the gallery release, “The proceeds from the first NFT sale will be donated to Doctors Without Borders / Doctors Without Borders.”

Some media outlets are enjoying the venture, saying that the art news site Hypoallergic “is too sensible” to send Koons’ work to space. We want to distinguish ourselves, especially as rich and terrible. “

His gallery said the project marks 50 years since the crew’s trip to the last month of America, but Koons is unlikely to be the last artist to participate in the Space Race.

Vogue magazine reported that competing space company Astrobotic also plans to send artwork for Dubai-based artist Sacha Jaffli.

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