Artist Jin Shangyi’s Framed NFT Sells Out In 18 Minutes

Artist Jin Shangyi’s Framed NFT Sells Out In 18 Minutes

On July 27, the world’s first digital collection displays hardware, HASHII encrypted digitally NFT Screensjointly launched by Inmyshow and Skyworth went on sale at
Skyworth‘s Jingdong flagship store.

Once the product went online, it received wide attention from digital collection enthusiasts and calligraphy and painting collectors. In just 18 minutes, 50 copies of the HASHII encrypts digital prints with the “Statue of the Bodhisattva in the 220th cave of the Mogao Grottoes (early Tang Dynasty)” by Jin ShangyiHonorary President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, was quickly sold out.

Jin Shangyi
Statue of the Bodhisattva in the 220th cave of the Mogao Caves

The introduction of HASHII encrypted digital prints was developed by CooCosMos (Chongqing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd, a joint venture between Star Mining Technology, a subsidiary of Inmyshow Group, and Skyworth Group. It combines
blockchain-based digital collections with digital collection image display hardware and
bind the work’s BSN chain-based warrant information to the hardware of the digital displays
through a unique encrypted hardware wallet, creating an innovative blockchain-based
solution for artists and collectors worldwide to publish and assemble digital collections.

Jin Shangyi's estimated NFT

With the continued popularity of the digital collection market, people’s enthusiasm for
the collection of digital art has never been higher. The introduction of HASHII encrypted digital
screens add a “physical display” value to the original value of digital works. For this first release of the digital screen collection, the auction price of its physical
works exceed 10 million Chinese Yuan, and the artistry and collection value is
extremely high.

Jin Shangyi With HASHII Encrypted NFT Display

HASHII encrypted digital displays combine hardware and encrypted art to give digital collections a display medium, so collectors and followers can not only “appreciate” virtual works of art through cell phone computer screens, but actually appreciate them as in museums and art galleries’ masterpieces. HASHII-encrypted digital displays further value digital collections, make “collecting” more realistic, and fundamentally return digital collections to the essence of art.

It is reported that HASHII encrypted digital displays are also the world’s first to integrate three functions: ultra-high quality digital artwork image restoration display, encrypted digital artwork guarantee hardware storage and encrypted digital artwork hash value independent display, which restores high -end maximizes painting and calligraphy delicate brushstrokes and colors, and protecting the asset security and copyright traceability of encrypted digital displays.

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