Artist Philip Colbert tells us about his upcoming multiple NFT ‘Lobstar’ release.

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In March of this year, Philip Colbert will release the most advanced community project to date, Lobstars. This is a new collection of 7777 Lobster Portrait NFTs released on as “Lucky Dip” on March 18, 2022.

Each unique “lobster” is not just a fascinating artwork, but his surreal metaverse “Lobsteropolis City”, the largest art world in Decentraland, covering 57 parcels. 7777 This is your chance to be one of the lobster citizens.

We managed to catch up with Colbert and learn more about the release of lobster, our connection with lobster police city, and his work with UCL on lobster AI and lobster robotics.

So aren’t all the lobsters the same?
They are all equal to the citizens of Robusteropolis, but they are all visually different and have different degrees of rarity.

Lobstars NFT Group Shot Image courtesy of Philip Colbert

Why 7777?
7 is the lobster’s lucky number.

Do Lobstars Buyers Own an iP?
IP is intended for personal use, not commercial use outside the project. I love the idea that people can make their own personal use products with the image of lobster. We are considering developing further commercial potential for lobster within the Robusteropolis Metaverse.

Can Lobstars owners use Lobster ID cards in the real (physical) world?
Initially, the main use of ID cards is a special feature of our city, Robusteropolis. And beyond that, we’re considering integrating the community into a large physical show where identity cards are also physically used, but this is still under development.

What are your insights into the work / research you are doing at UCL?
I asked UCL to build a series of Uber Lobster Robots. Inspired by Nietzsche, these will be robot sculpture AI programmed in real lobster intelligence research to become a super lobster. The community will be a big part of the realization of this project.

Do you know where this ends?
Haha, I hope we can reach the real lobster planet.

Lobstars will be released in 0.1-0.2 ETH April 10-12 As a lucky dip Follow Social @thelobstars Join Discord




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