Artist Redraws Adorable Pictures of Lovable Animals


The general consensus is that Twitter can be like hell, but there are times when you come across an artist who uses Twitter to fill the timeline with animals that only brighten the day.

Why do you melt your heart about the tiger in the box when you can get the lovely art of the tiger in the box?

If you haven’t seen a redraw of a bib that falls in love with various fluffy nuggets, let me introduce you.

Who is the bib?

Bib is the artist I found when I saw one of their tweets spreading on Twitter. The tweet had an image of an animal on one side and a bib redrawing the animal on the other. Soon, the bib art style brought a smile to my face, but what I really liked was how to redraw the animals while they were doing something viral. It was a bib.

Yes, the red panda is one of my favorite animals, so any photo will make me happy … but is there a photo of a red panda standing in an attacking pose?

Yes, Sweetie, you are very menacing, grr.

Many of the bib redraws are like that. What I like the most is that I don’t know what the animals are like, like the rainbow cat in the feature photo or this majestic cat that seems to have been tasked with finding the princess of the moon. ..

Or do you think this cat has just received shocking news?

Or this dignifiedly soaked tiger.

Cats aren’t the only animals to be redrawn, but the perfect creative of the art that anyone like me can quit Doomscrolling so that cat owners can retweet cats. I know it’s a good fuel. …

Don’t worry, little guy, at least you didn’t do this:

Why this is a very refreshing part of my day

When I contacted Bib and asked why they started repainting these animals, they said: “I got cool from work and started drawing animals as a way to cheer myself up when I was in the garbage dump! What keeps me moving is the fact that my ridiculous graffiti makes people happy. So it’s a really mutually beneficial situation! “

Looking at the close-ups of black void cats and big old bears with sunflowers in their mouths makes my day really good, but knowing that all of this started as an artist’s personal pick-up, The whole thing gets better Things feel healthier than they already did.

This is really why people demand threads full of animal pictures when they are in a bad mood. They are so cute and ridiculous without noticing it (or they may be aware of it, I don’t know, I just live in my cat world).

Following the bibs has made my Twitter a more breathable place. I hope this art will brighten your day.

You can check for bibs on Instagram, TikTok, and twitter..

(Image: Bib)

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