Artist Releases NFTs of Innovative Digital Art from 1985 By BTC Peers

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Artist releases NFT of innovative digital art since 1985

A few years before the release of Adobe (NASDAQ 🙂 Photoshop, Alan Tibbetts created three unique digital photos at Lightspeed Computers in Boston in 1985. The unique graphics imaging software company was founded by artist and entrepreneur Francis Olshafskie. State-of-the-art photographer. Alain then used the software to develop art using the new tools that came with it, along with his photographs and topical images collected from print media.

At the time of creating the three digital images, many artists in the industry were unaware of the breakthrough technology, with the exception of Andy Warhol, who used Amiga computers to create digital drawings at the time. The inspiration for Alain’s image was derived from popular events of the time, including hostage terrorists, popular tobacco advertisements, and famine in Ethiopia. His work at the time was raw and rudimentary, given that digital painting and editing tools were uncommon and expensive to borrow time on a computer.

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With this new media storage, we used light valve technology via a film recorder to capture virtual information on direct positive slides. Then, at a local laboratory, I converted each slide into a single Cibachrome print. Each of his three NFTs consists of a high-resolution digital file of photos, Adobe Content Credentials, the transparency of the original slide, and the only Cibachrome print of about 11×14 inches, stored in a signature, stamp, and archive container. I am.

The three images in the NFT series are titled. Bomb Pop, Escape to Continue, and Alive with Pleas (ure) have so far only received 12 bids on OpenSea and have only 2 days left.

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