Artist’s Continuous Line Drawings Have Hidden Objects in the Composition

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Abstract artist Tyler Faust is known for his intricate line drawings formed from a single continuous, non-intersecting line. Quotes on his website even call him “Reddit’s most favored artist,” and it’s not hard to understand why. “Lines can look and create some interesting illusions,” Foust tells My Modern Met. And that’s why he’s been fascinated by line drawings since he was a kid. But that charm did not immediately lead him to pursue the life of an artist. In fact, what started as a mere hobby to focus his mind during a graduate lecture eventually evolved into a unique style of creating art that is completely captivated by its intertwined complexity. ..

“Our lecture lasted four hours. I knew that I couldn’t pay attention to the lecture for that long without thinking about calming activities,” Foust said as a graduate student. He talks about when he was studying. Healthcare management. “So I came up with the idea of ​​drawing line art repeatedly during the lecture. I’ll create some simple rules that specify where to place the lines so that you don’t have to put too much brain power on the art. The idea was to take advantage of “autopilot” without having to predetermine what the final piece would look like. “

The artist explained to the professor in advance what he was doing to ensure that he could understand that this activity maintained his interest, rather than distracting him. And when the graffiti cache began to grow into a significant collection, Foust decided to start documenting his work on Instagram and then finally throw it in the trash. The artist did not begin to understand the value of the work until he saw the reaction on social media. One “Internet stranger” even suggested buying some of his work for hundreds of dollars.

From that point on, Faust began to take his work a little more seriously, trying to develop and even refine his own unique style. “I decided to recreate my style by creating a photo made from a single line that doesn’t intersect,” explains the artist. “In a nutshell, it doesn’t mean I didn’t lift the pen. It means that the painting itself consisted of a single giant line. I fell in love with the one-line style and shaped it in a negative space. I started to incorporate. “

Line drawings of hidden objects and images

Then, after a foreign company began selling his artwork in apparel without permission, Faust began to hide his signature (TFOUST) somewhere in each of his single-track works. Later, he realized that he could actually hide more, and began to spread various hidden images throughout the line drawing, from animals to different objects and even names.

Also, because each part is so complex, all Foust line drawings start as a detailed draft. “Draft is the most important part, because once you commit to the final piece, you can’t make a mistake,” explains the artist. “I can’t erase the pen on the canvas. In the more complicated part, I spend a lot of time planning where to move my line next. The hardest thing is to keep the line unbroken. It’s like playing a snake, but losing is more frustrating. “

But nevertheless, Faust learned to evaluate each piece of the puzzle to create one of his intricate artworks. But that wasn’t always the case. “Ironically, I never enjoyed art classes at school,” Faust admits. “I always felt that I was focusing on the final product. It stressed me … the moment I started to dominate dramatically, it was a way to enjoy the process beyond the expectations of the final output. It was the moment I realized. When I mastered this concept, my style was organically formed. “

Scroll down to see some of Faust’s intricate continuous line art pieces and see if you can find hidden objects scattered throughout the composition of his line art. Follow him on Instagram for more information on the artist. You can also visit Etsy’s shop and buy one of his works yourself.

Abstract artist Tyler Faust creates intricate line drawings and includes objects hidden in intricate compositions.

Tyler Faust continuous line artTyler Faust continuous line artLine drawings of hidden objects and images

The artist also hides his signature somewhere in each of his line drawings.

Line drawings of hidden objects and imagesLine drawings of hidden objects and imagesTyler Faust continuous line artLine drawings of hidden objects and images

Each piece is drawn using a single continuous line that does not intersect.

Tyler Faust continuous line artTyler Faust continuous line artTyler Faust continuous line artTyler Faust continuous line artTyler Foust: Website | Instagram | Etsy

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