Artsy x Verisart: 22 for 2022, an NFT auction featuring 22 artists for 2022.


Artsy x Verisart: 22 in 2022, An NFT auction with 22 artists participating in 2022 in the contemporary, digital and street art markets. The auction, curated by Verisart in partnership with Artsy, will offer newly commissioned work and bids will be accepted on Ethereum (ETH).

Shepard Fairey, OG Obey V.1, NFT, 2021. Created with an artist’s custom contract for sale at Artsy.Courtesy of the artist and Verisart

“A year ago, this new digital format barely scratched the surface in the art world, but after a year of spectacular whirlwinds, NFTs no longer need to be introduced. In 2021, the art world awakens to NFT. If so, 2022 is a year of solidarity. The 22 artists who participated in this first Verisartx Artsy Curated NFT Auction were with the entire art market and with NFTs across all disciplines, styles and generations. It reflects widespread involvement. “

Robert Norton, CEO and co-founder of Verisart, said:

Through the partnership, Verisart & Artsy aims to leverage a collective platform to spotlight and support creative visionaries and the next generation of artists.

Manuel Rossner, Bouncy Sculpture V (yet), 2021, NFT. Founded in Verisart for sale at Arty. Courtesy of the artist and Verisart.

Participating artists reflect a variety of media, including AI, NFTs, paintings, installations, photography, robotics, sculpture, and video, all developing their own striking visual styles. Artists include Shepard Fairey, Jennifer Rubel, Wiles, Mario Klingemann, Daniel Brown, Penny Slinger, Manuel Rosner, Mark Wallinger, Lee Mullican Estate, Troika, Mat Collishaw, Neil Beloufa, Includes Pindaros Van Armand, Smack, Philip Colbert, Suguwen Chung, Jonathan Yeo, Recycle Group, Vince Fraser, Mike Egan, Leo Isikdogan, Linda Dounia.

For the second straight week starting Tuesday, January 25th, these artist-certified NFTs will be created, certified and sold exclusively at Artsy by Verisart.

Troika, my life in presets (yet), 2021, NFT. Founded in Verisart for sale at Arty. Courtesy of the artist and Verisart.

“We have partnered with Verisart to create and curate this NFT auction, and more than 2 million collectors and art lovers who are increasingly interested in getting these artists and their work to high quality digital work. We are pleased to be able to provide it to viewers around the world. “

Marisa Elena Todd, Vice President of Products at Artie, said.

Some artists like Pindar Van Ahman have been creating NFTs since 2018, but for others, including Penny Slinger, this is their first work. The artwork includes Shepard Fairey’s first digital Andre the Giant sticker, Lee Marikan’s pioneering computer art of the 1980s, Jennifer Bell’s quest for fake news, and hybrid creatures created by Mario Klingemann’s Big GAN latent space. It is included.

Pindar Van Arman, Ghosts in the Machine – bitGANg 1001 (yet), 2021, NFT. Founded in Verisart for sale at Arty. Courtesy of the artist and Verisart.

Artists are represented by galleries such as Hauser & Worth, François Gebley, Meredith Rosen, Corn Gallery, Bloom & Po, and their work is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Venice Biennale, Tate, MoMA, LACMA, Pompidou Center and more. It has been. ..

Vhils, Torned (still), 2022, NFT. Founded in Verisart for sale at Arty. Courtesy of the artist and Verisart.

“In my view, NFTs can be a breakthrough for any artist. The new loyalty system they introduced can solve many of the art world’s problems in this context. In addition, they not only contribute to the increased transparency, which is sometimes opaque in the art world, but also resolve concerns related to collector certification through a fail-safe system that validates the work. ”


Penny Slinger, don’t look at me with that voice tone (yet), 2021, NFT. Founded in Verisart for sale at Arty.With the courtesy of the artist

“The area of ​​NFTs presents another dimension to the presentation and dissemination of art that incorporates different disciplines and customs.”

Penny Slinger

The two-week auction ends from 1:00 pm EST on January 25th to 6:00 pm EST on February 8. All works are created using a custom contract with Verisart or the artist and are available on ETH.Artwork can be seen in Artsy




Mark Westall

Mark Westall is the founder and editor of FAD Magazine, the founder and co-publisher of the Art of Conversation, and the founder of the platform @worldoffad.

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