Attack The Block’s Alien Designs Were Inspired By This ’80s Arcade Game


It’s Guy Fawkes Night in South London. We British like to stand outside in November, seeing the fireworks and burning portraits of a man who tried to blow up the Capitol 400 years ago. Trainee nurse Samantha (Jodie Whittaker) is robbed by a teenage gang led by Moses (John Boyega) and is distracted by a meteorite falling and destroying a parked car.

When children search for valuables in their cars, they are attacked by strange alien creatures. They chase and kill it. Thinking it might be worth a few pounds, they take it over to local drug dealer Ron (Nick Frost) and store it. They see more meteorites pouring out and rush out to defeat more creatures, but the occupants of these rocks find themselves much larger and scarier. The gangs retreat to the Wyndham Tower, where they prepare to protect the block from the ferocious alien invaders …

Since Edgar Wright is the executive producer of the project, Cornish’s first feature is clearly cut from the same cloth as Wright’s “Three Flavors Cornet Trilogy.” Needless to say, one of the central places in the film is the Wyndham Tower, which nods to influential writers who specialize in dropping the threat of another world into the normal English setting. A herd of telepathic mopeds in “The Midwich Cuckoos” (movieized as “Village of the Damned”) and a killer plant in the city of London in “The Day of the Triffids”. Wyndham’s work influenced the “end of the world,” and Edgar Wright’s connection was completed by the presence of Nick Frost as a friendly dealer.

If settings and heroes are rare in science fiction movies, “Attack the Block” is also noteworthy in several other features. It starred Jodie Whittaker, who became the first woman “Doctor Who” and gave John Boyega his movie debut. Then at the age of 18, he conducts the screen as Moses. Moses is a charismatic gang leader, and his hardline attitude is very sad and believes in neglected family life. The film also featured some impressive creature designs.It makes us Genuine The subject of this article! Where did your inspiration come from?


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