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Autohouses are made for work, hobbies and family life

Set in Austin, Texas, Auto house Residence Along Matt fajkus architecture It houses a pair of former racing drivers who collect vintage cars and teach underprivileged young people car repair skills. Therefore, this project expresses and blends the couple’s unique lifestyle by optimizing flexibility and well-being. ‘Just as the car is interwoven with the owner’s daily life, the clear chunks of the house are constructed to create a spatial overlap that further amplifies the blend of work, hobbies and family life. The architecture team is careful.

The second floor is represented as a single mass floating above the open garage area

Compact living space surrounded by an airtight wall system

Matt fajkus and his team It is characteristic of an auto house with a compact living quarters and is represented as a single mass floating above the open garage area for flexible collection and vehicle calibration and display. In fact, the volume on the second floor shifts forward, creating a ground-level carport while allowing you to see the rear garage space at twice the height. This prominent feature is made possible by adopting lightweight insulated concrete composite blocks to create a wall system that goes beyond the latest code. With this airtight and heat insulating building crust, the garage space provides high indoor environmental quality and durability.

Autohouse 2 with Matt fajkus architecture
The auto house features a compact living quarter surrounded by an airtight wall system

Fully customized conscious design for better happiness

In addition to airtight insulation, this project underscores material and resource efficiency, complete customization, field installation, high-end details, and integrated design. To achieve these results, the building team worked with on-site contractors to manufacture custom steel doors and windows, introduce recycled materials, and minimize the use of concrete. In addition, Autohouse aims to enhance the well-being of owners through indoor and outdoor connections that provide ample natural light and ventilation while improving the usability of indoor spaces. The team also designed a future one-bedroom home for the elderly that could easily be added into the garage, making the autohouse last longer than its current use.

Autohouse 3 with Matt fajkus architecture
Roof deck above the garage of the auto house

Autohouse 4 with Matt fajkus architecture
The living room features a double height volume that is open in the garage below

Autohouse with Matt fajkus architecture 11
The office is created by inserting a wooden clad volume between the living area and the bedroom

Autohouse with Matt fajkus architecture 6
Skylights in the stairwell illuminate both the stairs and the living space

Autohouse with Matt fajkus architecture 12
Hovering settlements form a daily carport in front of the auto house

Project information:

name: Auto house

position: Austin, Texas,

Year of completion: 2017

Architecture: Matt fajkus architecture

Design team: matt fajkus, david birt, sarah wassel

General contractor: Riser & Joint

1st floor wall: bautex system

AV: Smarter home

Structural engineering: ARCH consulting engineer
Photo: Charles Davis Smith FAIA, Perfect creative, Casey Woods, Matt fajkus architecture

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