Avatars For Ukraine: Celebs, Video Game Artists Makes Tragic NFT Art For Ukraine

  • Avatar can bring sane similarities and play an important role in helping a country besieged by anarchy. Indifference and bloodbath may mean disastrous effects.
  • Top visual and video game artists, social media influential people and celebrities are now working together through crypto and NFT projects to support Ukraine.
  • It’s not only a trend, it’s also a movement to promote healing in a country invaded by its strongest neighbors.

Ukrainian NFT Collection Avatar

Ukrainian Avatar is the latest NFT collection created in honor of charity. The real meaning of the term “avatar”, translated from Sanskrit to “incarnation,” is given in the title.

These fascinating artwork serve as a memorial to the dark clouds that float over Ukraine during the war. It captures not only the vibrant photographs and memories that occur, but also the emotional tsunami (fear, anger, pain) that tells the story of disorder and madness created by Russia. As Heath Ledger’s “Joker” once said, “madness is like gravity, all you need to do is push a little.” This is very successful for Russia to cause problems in Ukraine.

Celebrity video game artists from STALKER, Asphalt, Rainbow Six, and Warframe have collaborated with Ukrainian-based virtual artists to create a national charity NFT collection.

The collection will be released on May 19, 2022 on Meta History, a Ukrainian-based NFT platform. This project is fully supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation is a government agency that has successfully accumulated over 60 million cryptocurrency donations to the country.

Avatar for tranquility

Avatars For Ukraine is a charity NFT channel that means the incarnation of wisdom, soul, love and spirit of Ukrainian citizens in the midst of this anarchist war. Artwork is a partnership of the top 50 Ukrainian virtual artists from the world of cinema and games.

In fact, people can see the exclusive art of the EuroCon award-winning European sci-fi artist Volodymyr Bondar. Asphalt lead artist and director Kateyna also reached out to the collection.

NFT to rescue

Most of the NFT collections are created primarily for profit. However, this NFT channel, motivation, is aimed at helping the Ukrainian people. In effect, ex officio states that similar efforts and time spent creating the gaming domain have been given in this avatar collection.

They have the best cutting-edge technology for production and the best talent for developing masterpieces. Coming from a place of aid, they wanted to provide it all. I can’t stand it.

First, Epic Games, which was responsible for the development of the so-called Real Metaverse, was able to pool $ 150 million to offer benefits to the once peaceful country. The Avatar Collection is a historic one that allows everyone to bring back their mass of humanity forever. Art is real and touching. All sales go to a country torn by the war.

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