Awesome Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Art Reimagines the Poster in Sonic Mania Style

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Paramount has released a great new poster Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Last month we featured most of the movie cast. Sonic fans seem to like the poster as it is, but Twitter artist @TheRyanarchy decided to take a classic Sonic design based on video games and create his own spin.The artist says the work was inspired by the art of Tyson Hess, who worked on the cutscenes. Sonic mania, And IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog Comic. The result is a great piece, which longtime Sonic fans definitely want to see for themselves!

The art by @TheRyanarchy is in the tweet embedded below.

The image above features a design inspired by Hesse’s style, but @TheRyanarchy has done a great job of creating a new look for Tom and Maddy Wachowski to suit others. Not surprisingly, art has received a lot of praise online and one of the cast members of the movie has joined! Agent Stone actor Lee Majdoub may not appear in the actual poster or @ TheRyanarchy’s work, but he was still able to show his love for the images. It’s definitely a testament to the artwork, and it’s great to see how positive the reaction was.

There’s a lot of excitement around me in a month Sonic the Hedgehog 2.. The first movie was one of the few box office records in 2020 and was a huge hit, especially among game fans. However, the first film focused primarily on Sonic and Doctor Robotonic, and Tail finally made a small cameo. The sequel introduces Knuckles and revives Sonic’s companion. With so many key characters in the game, it makes sense to see fan art blending the two Sonic worlds.Fans have to check for themselves Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Upon arriving at the theater on April 8, the landing will be fixed. Until then, readers can check out all the coverage of our previous films here.

What do you think about the take of this poster? Sonic the Hedgehog 2?? Are you looking forward to a new movie? Let us know in the comments or let us know what you think directly on Twitter. @Marcdachamp To speak all about the game!


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