Banksy’s Season’s Greetings is moved from Port Talbot: Live updates


“I wanted to create an international street art museum, but the Neath Port Talbot Council didn’t allow me.”

John Brandler, owner of Seasons Greetings, is approaching over the fence from locals who are disappointed that the painting has been removed.

He said it wasn’t his decision to remove the paintings, but wanted to create a street art museum in Port Talbot that attracts 150,000 people each year.

John Brandler, owner of Brandler’s Galleries and Season’s Greetings itself, said it was “sad” to have to remove the painting from Port Talbot. (Image: John Myers / WalesOnline)

He explains what is happening today and states:

“Council [Neath Port Talbot Council] Last year he sent me a letter to “take it away”, which is what we are doing and we are in compliance with the council’s orders.

“The original intention was to create a world-class street art museum here in Port Talbot. There are five in the world and I wanted to create a sixth. And Banksy, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. , Cors, Mai used. Dog Sighs, Pure Evil, all such-major international artists.

“And it wasn’t wanted because they weren’t Welsh, so we left it here, the owners of the building were great, they wanted to build a street art museum He gave the building to the council for £ 1 a year, taking 150,000 to 200,000 people a year to the town to see the artwork.

“Based on the closest example, we have 550,000 visitors a year, so I thought 150,000 was a safe number.”

He continued: “It was the idea of ​​regenerating the town, but the town didn’t want it to happen. The townspeople wanted it to happen, local shops .. . “

Brandler was subsequently interrupted by members of the general public talking to him through the fence.

Brandler wanted to create a world-class street art museum in Port Talbot, but claims his plans were rejected by the Neath Port Talbot Council. (Image: John Myers / WalesOnline)

He said to her: “Why are you so determined in your opinion that no one else cares about this?”

Another civilian asked Brandler that he was planning to “repay all of us,” and said the removal of the artwork was “shocking.”

Brandler said, “I agree with you, it’s shocking. It should stay here, and it should have been displayed.

“It took the council nine months to turn on one light bulb. Your council didn’t want it to appear.”

He continued: “It’s a blunder, I started building a museum here that brings 150,000 tourists a year to your town, your town, your hotel, your newspaper store , Your coffee shop, your sticky bread shop and it’s the local council that prevented it from happening.

“The idea was to build a street art museum here.”

“Everyone is happy to complain, but in reality no one is doing anything. So when Congress wrote in writing that I had to get rid of it, by law I did it. It must be removed, “he added.

Locals have expressed disappointment that the season greetings have been removed (Image: John Myers / WalesOnline)

Brandler also said he was threatened when Nottingham asked him to remove Banksy’s paintings.

He insisted that: [threats] From Nottingham.The owner intended to water jet it [the painting] Being outside the building, I saved it and was threatened with murder.

“And when I reported the threat of murder to the police, the first question was” What is your name? “, The second question was” What is your date of birth? “, You Prove who you are. Ethnicity? Then they said they weren’t going to do anything about it. “



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