Barack Obama’s post on being family’s ‘designated photographer’ resonates with fathers around the world


Being a father brings some of the greatest joy to men, and social media is flooded with such posts marking Father’s Day. And most of the children remembered what they learned from their father. It was a financial guide, a soccer coach, a driving instructor, etc., but there was also a father who shared a candid post. One such thing shared by Barack Obama resonated with many dads online.

Wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day, the former US President shared his thoughts on becoming a dad. However, he added an interesting perspective to being a photographer in his family in every situation. “Of all the things I’ve had in my life, I’m most proud to be Maria and Sasha’s dad,” Obama wrote on Twitter and Instagram. “… and the designated photographer of the family,” he joked.

To support his claim, he shared his image of a family taking a picture of a family posing in front of a portrait of Michelle Obama on a mobile phone. The portrait in the photo is on display at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in Washington, DC, which is part of the Smithsonian Castle, and is culturally important as a celebration of America’s first African-American first lady. is. It can be seen with a portrait of former President Barack Obama.

Soon, his post got a lot of likes and many say he’s giving “dad’s goal”. I also saw his former White House photographer Pete Souza stealing the show with a cheeky take and writing, “I taught him light and composition …”.

On Twitter, his post attracted more laughter than Instagram. Many fathers agreed that he was the “designated photographer” of his family. Dozens of people join the conversation, cheer on his “work”, others take pictures for their families, and their candid images are responsible for the precious memories they will return to later. I shared.

Obama, who continues to share the latest sweet exchanges, said last week. Balcony concert During his visit to Copenhagen. In a video shared on Instagram, I saw a member of the Danish choir rehearsing when leaving the hotel and doing a serenade for him. His improvisational performance has captivated him and many others online.



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