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Casanova by barcode architect

Barcode architect releases the latest image of “Casanova” with a height of 110 meters Tower, Currently under construction RotterdamMaritime district. The new residential building is clearly represented in the shape of an impressive triangle that balances on a rectangular base.

casanova forms an ensemble with another person Residential A tower by a barcode architect in an adjacent section called “Muse” completed last year. The two buildings are planned synergistically by a Dutch company, both architecturally and in terms of collective programs.

Image © franchanswijk

casanova aims to bring new energy to the maritime district. Architects say they are rapidly changing from anonymous office districts to vibrant urban areas. The new tower activates the corners of wijnhaven and forms an important link to the new walking route between oudehaven and museumpark via marksal, leuvehaven and witte de withstraat.

“Within urban boundaries, skyscraper densification is a good option, but anonymous volumes where residents do not know each other should be avoided.” Barcode Architect partner carovan devenne talks about this project. “We want to use casanova to create a three-dimensional part of the city where people live in good health, neighbors get to know each other and have a cozy atmosphere on the ground. The design principles used in these projects are , Is an example of the new Rotterdam high-rise vision.

Barcode Architect casanova Rotterdam First Triangle Tower Top 3
Image © franchanswijk

The elongated building shape ensures optimal line-of-sight and sunlight for the surrounding buildings and provides a 300 degree view of the city to the dwellings inside the tower. Between the 5th and 8th floors, the volume is facing down and the tower is balanced on the base. A 1,600-square-meter roof garden will be realized on the 5th floor of the low-rise building.

Residents of Casanova and the muse can meet informally here, and the roof garden is directly connected to the vibrancy of the quay. In addition to the collective roof garden, the program includes a variety of shared features such as a gym, communal kitchen, communal work space, meeting room, and hotel room that residents can reserve for their guests. On the pedestal, the function of hospitality and the central entrance bring the public space on the ground to life.

Barcode Architect casanova Rotterdam First Triangle Tower Top 4
Image © franchanswijk

The tower is 35 stories high and consists of a rich housing program with 116 dwellings, from more compact apartments in low-rise blocks to spacious tower apartments and luxury penthouses with ample outdoor space. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure optimal sunlight and spectacular views in all tower apartments.

The vertical orientation of the façade accentuates the slender design. The reddish-brown travertine panel gives the entire tower a warm and powerful look. Towards the top of the tower, the panel gradually has a wide and smooth edge surface. These elements reflect sunlight, creating a changing appearance throughout the day, and the top of the tower appears to disappear into the sky. casanova is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Barcode Architect casanova Rotterdam's first triangular tower is the top 5
Image © WAX Architecture Visualization

Barcode Architect casanova Rotterdam's first triangular tower breaks through 2
Image © franchanswijk

Project information:

name: Casanova

position: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

client: VOF wijnhaven 65 & wilma wonen

Architects: Barcode architect

size: 22,000 square meters

Photo: Candid Hanswik

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