Batek Architekten renovates historic cinema in pastel and earth-coloured hues

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German studio Batek Architekten has refurbished one of Berlin’s oldest cinemas, the Yorkk Kino Passage, to add a foyer with pistachio arches and cover the screening room with saturated colors.

The local studio wanted a refurbishment that retains a contemporary feel while respecting the original neoclassical style of the 1908 cinema.

Decorative arch nodding to the arched windows of the façade of the building

The basic structure of the foyer of a 325-square-meter cinema with decorative stucco elements is as original as the stairs and large cinema. The other rooms have been refurbished over the years.

Batek Architekten took advantage of the building’s large arched windows when designing a new whyver with pistachio green arches as opposed to the reddish brown of the original linoleum floor.

Cinema bar pistachios-green arch
The pale pistachio green tones contrast elegantly with dark wood.

“The brown floor color was designated for the protection of the monument and our approach to conserving our resources,” Patrick Batek, founder of Batek Architekten, told Dezeen.

“This led to a general choice of rustic tones, but we chose pistachios as a surprising addition.”

Cinema foyer cork-covered cabinet
Batek Architekten chose cork cladding for the cupboard

The studio has also added a natural cork cover to the lobby cupboard. This has many practical advantages.

“Natural cork wall cladding was installed for acoustic reasons, which can hide drink storage and staff room space, and hang posters and notices,” Batek explained.

Velvet seats at York Kino Passage Cinema
Velvet fabric in shades of green decorates the foyer

We also reused existing materials as part of the renovation work. The corten steel cladding of the old bar in the cinema has been upcycled and reinstalled as new bar panels, edging and fitting elements.

The studio has also restored Yorkk Kino Passage brass luminaires and plaster moldings.

Batek Architekten not only intervened in the foyer with seats covered in Forest Green and Spring Green velvet fabrics, but also refurbished two small auditoriums in the cinema.

Here, the team used blue on one side and red on the other to add intense, deep colors that they felt were suitable for the atmosphere of the screening room.

Blue and yellow cinema auditorium
Dark Prussian Blue creates a dramatic auditorium

“The auditorium is in the basement of the building and we wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere than the original large, brightly colored auditorium,” Batek said.

“That’s why I covered it with a dark Prussian blue fabric that contrasts nicely with the warm glow of the yellow upholstered seat rows.”

Berlin red cinema auditorium
The studio has added a crimson color to the second screening room

A more traditional color was chosen for the second room.

“The other screening room is an interpretation of a variety of red classic cinema interiors, from rusty to crimson walls and seats,” Batek explained.

The studio has also set up new podiums in two auditoriums for optimal visibility.

Red Cinema Auditorium
One screening room nods to the interior of a classic cinema

Batek Architekten has a history of cinema interior design. Previously, he completed the Kino Delphi Lux Cinema for the same client and refurbished Berlin’s historic Blauer Stern Cinema.

Among the designs of other studios in the city is a double townhouse made up of stacked cubes.

The photo is by Marcus Wend.

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