Bathroom design ages with style and grace

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Bathroom design ages with style and grace

Demand for stylish, self-contained living aids in residential bathrooms is also increasing as Australia’s ageing population chooses to live in their own homes for longer periods of time.

While functionality is of course key, designers and manufacturers are realizing the importance of ensuring that aesthetics are not sacrificed in the process.

For Filippo Parisi, Managing Director of luxury bathroom design and supply company PARISI, creating beautiful products for accessible bathrooms is a passion. Since the inception of PARISI, Filippo’s personal connection with caring for elderly relatives has led him to create professional products that not only look great, but provide the extra support needed when caring for someone who wants to maintain an independent life.

“Beautifully designed collections combined with purposefully accessible products created for the Australian market. With cutting edge Italian style, clients can have Italian bathrooms designed by award-winning Italian designers and our PARISI design team product,” he said.

At PARISI, they noticed an increasing number of customers opting for taller toilets to aid mobility, as well as customers wanting to gradually update their bathrooms with the style and color of grab bars and other support items to match their tastes.

PARISI’s approachable products are available in a variety of popular colours such as “fucile” which is a gunmetal grey PVD finish on stainless steel.

“Our stainless steel range blends beautifully with PARISI brushed nickel faucets and showers,” said Franco Parisi, COO of PARISI

“The palette works seamlessly from the faucet to the armrests and shower, and the comfort offered by the luxurious Pressalit seats that power our Ellisse Ambulant toilets,” he said.

PARISI also offers colour matched door hardware, hinges, handles and fittings as well as large format tiles from Fondovalle. Fondovalle MyTop tiles are easy to clean and available in a variety of colours and designs for personalisation.

Con-Serv is another bathroom manufacturer and supplier ensuring older homeowners no longer have to compromise on style.

“As Australia’s population continues to age, we are noticing an increase in demand for independent living aids that will complement a homeowner’s decor. When it comes to home security, customers want a seamless integration into their Uncompromising quality in the home,” said Crissie O’Dea, Marketing and Communications Manager at Con-Serv.

Over the past 12 months, Con-Serv has seen the popularity of matte black in the residential bathroom market.

“It’s no surprise to us. Matte black bathroom accessories not only look stylish, but complement the range of colors and styles in the home. Whether the bathroom is traditional white, neutral earth tones or modern tones, matte black accessories Will add a level of sophistication and wow factor to any room,” says O’Dea.

She also commented that the matte black accessories are very easy to care for and only require an occasional wipe with a micro cloth and warm soapy water to keep the accessories in top condition. They are also excellent at hiding water stains and dust marks.

Con-Serv has launched a range of matte black grab bars for accessible bathrooms that have been so successful that they have expanded their range to include showers, shower seats, toilet assist backrests and the WELS 4-star shower range matte black armrest.

“All Con-Serv grab bars, grab bar showers and pull-out shower seats provide users with commercial quality and functionality, and their stylish finishes will complement the home,” said O’Dea.

Con-Serv Matte Black Handrails are available in a variety of lengths and styles. Straight handrails range in size from 200mm to 1200mm and can be installed vertically or horizontally to suit the needs of the user. Utilizing Con-Serv’s unique hygienic seal fitting system, Con-Serv handrails provide superior antimicrobial protection and support loads in excess of 112kg.

O’Dea says Con-Serv has worked extensively with occupational therapists to develop their line of products so users don’t have to compromise when choosing the right support aid for their home.

“All Con-Serv grab bars are constructed of stainless steel with premium brass fittings and come with a lifetime warranty. Con-Serv also offers a range of bathroom accessories and home showers to complement their healthcare product range so customers can Mix and match these products to suit their individual needs,” she says.

Michael Collins, senior brand manager at Caroma LiveWell, agrees that there is a growing desire to improve aesthetics when it comes to accessible solutions for residential bathrooms.

“While functional attributes will always come first, aesthetics offer the greatest opportunity for improvement,” he said.

“Improving aesthetics can play an important role in reducing mental health challenges by providing a more welcoming and welcoming environment”.

The Opal collection by Caroma Care Solutions is contemporary in style, carefully modified to seamlessly integrate into the bathroom for enhanced comfort and independence.

Understated design features, such as raised height toilets and integrated basin shelf space, are just some of the simple additions to reduce challenges for seniors and make the bathroom a more comfortable and functional space. With smooth, rounded silhouettes and clean lines, the Opal collection blends easily into any bathroom while ensuring easy cleaning for maximum hygiene.

The streamlined, rimless design of the modern Opal Cleanflush toilet makes cleaning the toilet very easy. The toilet also has a longer protrusion on the plate, giving caregivers more room to assist and use the toilet seat when needed. The simple height disc also makes it easier for the knee to reduce wear and tear over time.

Caroma also offers the Opal Color range, which enables one to coordinate care-specific fixtures with modern interior design finishes. Faucets, grab bars, showers and accessories are available in stylish chrome, brushed nickel and matte black.

“They’re all-around stunning designs that pay attention to the details of how people use our products,” Collins said.

According to Corina Dreosso, senior marketing officer at Galvin Engineering, some key design elements in the bathroom can help people live longer in the home, including adding natural light and accent colors to help with wayfinding and modern decor.

“The colour coding of the toilet seat facilitates visual contrast and provides better orientation for the visually impaired. Colour contrast facilitates orientation and enables intuitive use. If only functional elements are coloured, they will be highlighted, And their function is clearly demonstrated,” she said.

“If the colour of functional elements also contrasts with their surroundings, they are also easily perceived by visually impaired people”.

To support elderly clients at home, Galvin Engineering offers stylish, high-quality European design folding support arms and shower chairs. These aids provide older users with knee and hip injuries greater convenience in addressing and removing WC fixation devices. They can also integrate nurse-call assisted living aids.

Galvin Engineering also offers anti-scald products such as the CliniLever single lever mixer or the CliniMix lead-safe thermostatic progressive mixer. CliniLever shower kit for freestanding showers or GalvinAssist hand shower kit with innovative ClevaCare shower arm for assisted showers.

They come in a wide variety of armrests (including stainless steel, colors, and folding options. Meanwhile, products like the HEWI Dementia Wall Washbasin are designed for people with dementia.

“We provide Australia’s largest range of ligature-resistant faucets, Wallgate sanitary ware, grab bars, drainage, fixtures, fittings and water management systems for NDIS professional disability accommodation robust housing,” Dreosso said.

To ensure that the design is not compromised, Galvin Engineering has partnered with a renowned Italian manufacturer to continuously deliver state-of-the-art designs that combine classic lines with modern appeal, while still providing enough sturdiness and safety features such as oversized indicators for seniors needs.

Access and mobility are critical when designing bathrooms for residents planning to age in place, Stormtech said. Traditional drainage solutions in bathrooms can be one of the biggest barriers to universal use. This is because downhill, uneven floor surfaces and falls from high slopes are the most dangerous and pervasive hazards for vulnerable residents.

Stormtech’s drainage solutions, on the other hand, are specifically designed to remove the access and movement restrictions of traditional centralized drainage systems while making a stunning architectural statement. Their linear drainage system is a cutting-edge drainage solution that provides horizontal plane (i.e. level to the ground), “zero step” drainage. Unlike traditional drainage solutions, the linear design meets the stringent accessibility requirements of AS1428 while maintaining excellent drainage flow.

According to Autoflo Karl Baxter’s Design and Development Manager, the secret to designing a beautiful and functional bathroom for older residents is to pair it with a sense of style that suits the client’s taste and doesn’t introduce a sterile feel or feel; preserving the feel and look of home.

According to Baxter, Autoflo’s touchless sensor faucets are ideal for seniors because they are easy to use and have a long lifespan. They are also very hygienic, with the hands in the handwashing area activating the flow of water. This faucet is also ideal for those with limited mobility and may have difficulty reaching and manually operating the faucet.

When given a custom finish, these sensor faucets “exude style and sophistication,” Baxter said.

“They are very simple to install and take up very little space below the basin – ideal for older customers who may have little space available from downsizing,” he said.

The faucet automatically flushes 72 hours after the last use.

“This is useful in situations where residents may be away from their homes for a period of time to ensure there is no standing water in the taps.”

“Furthermore, when the device is powered by batteries, if the charge begins to run low, a red LED in the sensor window will flash to alert the user that it’s time to replace the batteries – with 6V Lithium, up to four competing with AA or AAA batteries The product takes about 6 months.”

“The combination of practicality and style means beautiful bathroom interiors without compromising functionality for all”.

Ultimately, those who design and manufacture bathroom products realize that there is now a big demand for stylish designs that meet the needs of older customers. Well-thought-out bathroom design contributes to the well-being of older Australians while supporting and encouraging their independence.

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