Behind the Art: What makes Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring so special?


A painting by the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer in the permanent house of the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands. Girl with a pearl earring Hanging as a fascinating centerpiece in some artwork. Also known as’Northern Mona Lisa ” Also “Dutch Mona Lisa” This painting attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. Vermeer painted this masterpiece in 1665, but it became popular towards the end of the 20th century, not only because of its “pearl” but also because of its simplicity. When I saw this small and gorgeous painting, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Despite its fame and endless mention in popular culture Scarlett Johansson’s role in the 2003 film “Girl with a Pearl Earring” You can’t prepare for a breathtaking painting by a Dutch genius. It is worth millions when auctioned. But what makes this artwork so special?

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Seemingly hypnosis

Looking at this delicate picture, the picture sitter asks himself if he is facing or away from you. I was fascinated by the 3D look and how Vermeer used his expertise in reflecting light on the subject. The girl lifts her lips a little as if she wanted to convey something, and her eyes are talking about herself. Her fascinating yet innocent facial expression is like jealousy and envy of any celebrity. But who is she? Many believe in the general rumors that she was the maid of the Dutch art master Vermeer’s house or she was his eldest daughter.Not like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, This painting focuses on who the sitter represents, not her identity. The painting is “Tronnie”, a different type of painting from portraiture. The girl is seen wearing a turban and big pearls, which is all she needs to look gorgeous. Tronie presents the painter’s technique in her single work of art, reflecting the characteristics of the sitter. Vermeer had the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in the reflection of light from surfaces and humans.

Looking at this delicate picture, the picture sitter asks himself if he is facing or away from you. (Photo: Aliexpress)

Inside story of pearls

If you look closely at the very famous “pearl” earrings, you’ll notice that they’re not round earrings, they’re just floating paint stains. Known as an illusion maker, Vermeer convinces viewers that he is looking at large round pearl earrings. Many claim that it is a polished tin made to look like a pearl earring. But what makes earrings so special? To know that, we need to dig deeper into the past. In the 17th century, artists painted figures from mythology, the Bible, or classical literature. The city of Delft was against the dominant aristocrats and the Catholic Church. It was aimed at the concept of autonomy, and due to the lack of supervision by the king of bishops in the area, artists like Vermeer were left without traditional patrons. The Dutch East India Company has brought economic expansion and innovative ideas to the land. Merchant patrons wanted paintings that represented more general subjects such as homes, middle-class people living a normal life, and everyday chores. This became known as the Dutch Golden Age, and Vermeer’s paintings were considered very fashionable.Oriental turban worn by Girl with a pearl earring It represents the world view of the merchant class. The pearl, the centerpiece of the painting, symbolizes wealth in a highly exaggerated form. Dutch artists couldn’t afford to buy such big earrings themselves, so they decided to use either glass or tin to create the illusion.

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Directly, the picture speaks to the viewer in an unexplained way. I remember sitting there for a long time staring at the masterpiece in front of me. Vermeer’s 3D painting technique makes the girl feel like she’s alive and looking at her from the artist’s eyes.

Mysterious color

As an artist, the most memorable part of this painting was the use of color. Colors of the 17th century were easier to make and easier to obtain than they are today. If you try to make a replica of this, you can easily copy the shades of your iPad or buy a great color palette. In 2020, The Hague researchers revealed what raw materials were used to create the colors. Lead ore came from the Peak District. The red cochineal scale insects are derived from insects that inhabit the cacti of Mexico and South America. And the blue used in the scarf comes from the semi-precious lapis lazuli found in what is now Afghanistan. It is a mystery that Vermeer could use as many semi-precious stones as he did at the time, and would have been more expensive than gold.

Like millions of people Girl with a pearl earring In the 21st century, we can only imagine what rounds took place in the last century. The more I traveled around the world before settling in The Hague’s home, the more popular it became. For visitors to the Netherlands, it needs to be seen and experienced.

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