Behind the Art: What makes ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh so iconic?

Behind the Art: What makes ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh so iconic?

Starry night —Three words that describe the timeless and epic paintings made by — Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh 1889. The painting, which caused a sensation overnight and immortalized the painter, known not only for his work but also for his mental health, cut off his ears and eventually led to suicide. Much has been said about this painting, but it is now permanently installed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is worth billions of dollars. Is it the inside story of this painting that makes this painting special, or is the art itself telling a big volume?

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Paintings by “tortured” artists

Known as a “tortured” artist, Van Gogh It wasn’t very famous in his life.When he drew Starry night, He was staying at the Saint-Paul-Domosol Mental Hospital in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, southern France. He acknowledged his asylum after cutting off his ears during a discussion with fellow Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. During his exile, he got two rooms. One was the bedroom and the other was the painting studio. He made several paintings based on the view from his windows and the surrounding garden. From his room he had a view of the French Alpilles, which influenced many of his landscape paintings. The dark spire in the foreground of the painting depicts a cypress tree. Trees are usually associated with death and graveyards, and in some cultures they symbolize the life of the soul after death. Some even say that the arrival of a cypress tree in the sky means sending the soul to the afterlife. During this time Van Gogh Having experienced an episode of severe mental illness, he regarded this painting as a complete failure.

The painting was finally taken by his brother. He painted this work under the influence of a manic episode remedy and is said to have caused hallucinations throughout the process. According to pathologist Paul Wolf, Van Gogh likes the yellow color of paintings such as: Starry night It is the result of drinking too much digitalis, which is a treatment for epilepsy.

Contrary to what people believe, this painting does not reflect the deterioration of his mental state. His brothers claimed to have his painting studio during his exile, as it is known that only paintings helped him get better. Van Gogh is also known for his love of drawing the night sky. As an astronomy worshiper and student, he liked to study the positions of stars and planets through his artwork.This is famous and can be seen Starry night Painting.

Van Gogh is also known for his love of drawing the night sky. As an astronomy worshiper and student, he liked to study the positions of stars and planets through his artwork. (Photo: Aliexpress)

Starry night

Apart from astronomy Van Gogh I was greatly influenced by Japanese art style. Starry night It’s a swirl problem. If you look at the brushes in the picture, they are flowing and made of circular lines. Some brush strokes even look like big waves in the sky.This was inspired by Great wave Made by Hokusai. Van Gogh creates a sense of movement with more choppy white lines as the sky meets the mountains in the background. He also used contrasting colors to create more movement. Each star and moon has a yellow and white aura that surrounds them. Then he uses a darker shade of blue to create the contrast. Most of the paintings are villages with a church as the central focus. This village did not exist in real life and was just a fragment of Van Gogh’s imagination. It is said that he was able to build a church from his childhood memories, as the architecture of the church resonates more with the church in the Netherlands. Some people believe that this painting has a subliminal religious message, as he was known to have religious sources within him. For example, the 11 stars in the sky can tell the story of Joseph in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The influence of recent paintings

For a painter who painted more than 800 oil paintings and sold only one in his lifetime, Van Gogh thought: Night when the stars shine As a’failure’; but it will shake the modern world like a tsunami. Whether it’s an intriguing story or artistic technique of the artist at the time, this painting still resonates with art lovers around the world. Like many other artists, this artist gained popularity after his death and Starry night A microcosm of contemporary art mixed with the Post-Impressionist movement. Those who are studying art, or who just like to see works of art, can appreciate the composition of the painting with heavenly swirls, stylized stars, crescent moons and shining moons. Painting has also become a famous symbol of expressionism. Night when the stars shine Introducing the vast power of nature, the church spire and cypress trees that represent people and nature both point to heaven.

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