Bella Hadid’s first NFT is a shocker (because it’s actually good)

Bella Hadid’s first NFT is a shocker (because it’s actually good)

Bella Hadid has launched an NFT project, and the good news is that she keeps her clothes on. When the celebrity releases the NFT, our hearts return to the vagina of Madonna’s Earth Goddess, but fortunately the CY-B3LLA NFT is a bit more classy and artistic, and frankly … it’s pretty good. ..

NFT is a method of registering and protecting digital files on the blockchain to create rarity. There is only one true version. Many artists and celebrities have tried to launch NFTs. Some of them we love, such as Takashi Murakami’s Flowers, while others are like a collaboration between Madonna and Beeple., I’m just confused. NFTs are not rich or celebrity reserves. Read the guide and give it a try for yourself. How to create and sell NFTs.

Bella Hadid’s CY-B3 LLANFT (Opens in a new tab) The project is categorized as a “loved one” camp. This is a collection of 11,111 NFTs spanning 10 real-world regions, creating artwork with unique “geography-based attributes”. From now to September, 1,111 NFTs have been released in 10 countries around the world, each with its own unique aesthetic created by local artists in the area.

The unusual version of each region, CY-B3 LLANFT, is rendered in a single color-we love these (Image credit: Bella Hadid / CY-B3LLA)

Since the first set was released in Japan, it turned Bella Hadid into a cyborg as its main feature, with secondary features inspired by cartoons, minimalism and ties. ..

A neat artistic twist comes from the use of a single color. Some unusual CY-B3 LLANFTs are presented as simple monotone illustrations to showcase the artist’s line drawings and styles. For example, the CY-B3LLA NFT released in Japan is only available in white, cherry pink, and red (pictured above).

Bella Hadid is scanned for NFT

Bella Hadid was 3D scanned to create art for her new NFT project (Image credit: Bella Hadid / CY-B3LLA)

Bella Hadid was 3D scanned in 4K to create the art for the CY-B3LLA NFT. The model used her contact list as well as artists from all over the world to bring a bit of charm to the project. Loving 90’s make-up artist Lysa Flowers and hair stylist are at music stars Grimes, Dua Lipa and Evanie Fraust. Both were involved.


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