Belleva Guest House Blackpool. A True Story of Hope and Courage against All Odds.

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Belleva is an adult-only guesthouse in Blackpool, England, in the heart of all local attractions. Completely refurbished using local craftsmen, materials and crafts. The guesthouse is a paradise for community funding and awareness, eclectic decoration and in-house crafting. A house with a difference. It generally provides the hospitality sector with fresh and dynamic ideas.

Bereva finally opened her door in August 2021 and advanced an unexpected delay as a direct result of the pandemic. Due to lack of resources, Tiffany Bell Harper (owner and chief designer) turned to charity, recovered outlets, and twisted her infamous, often anonymous design skills, to be unique and young. Created a lively space.

Belleva Guest House now boasts its own craft bar. Here, Tiffany exclusively sells environmentally friendly, non-abuse products. Include the very popular South Shore Soap Company trade label. Her range consists of soy wax melts of perfumes and essential oils, fully licensed hand-poured soaps and bathfiz, as well as her latest work, candles. This all happened when the time spent in Blackpool during her lockdown prompted Tiffany to find her new hobby. Since then, she has been born as a Bereba gift shop exclusively for guests and friends.

Belleva House, which hosted 11 rooms, was refurbished and reduced to 7 suites and bedrooms. Something for most budgets, from a small double ensuite bedroom with a disco shower. Go to a huge honeymoon suite with a huge relaxation tab. Once a three-bedroom Tiffany Suite, it is now a spacious and luxurious area.

Bereva was also named after James Suite, the youngest (33 years old) who played an important role in hotel design and layout skills, design and theory. James has a degree in surveying and is a skilled craftsman. And has his own real estate portfolio based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

A team of mothers and sons who have worked together on many projects. To include Tiffany’s previous major career, she designed, sold, and adopted a range of her own mannequins. Also, body shape, display head, tailor’s dummy. Unfortunately, Tiffany’s life was almost lost in a serious attack towards the end of 2009. Her career and her life in Warwickshire broke up, where she moved to Leeds and went near her son, where she rebuilt her life from nothing.

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A few years after struggling to recover and suffering emotionally, Tiffany continued to build Bereva after profitably selling a refurbished terraced house in Leeds. Moving to Blackpool in June 2018, Tiffany had a rented bed and breakfast until June 2021. There she escaped her leasehold and devoted herself to her own new brand, Belva. The guesthouse, formerly known as the Sovereign House, has not been traded since 2014 and was acquired by Tiffany before it was put up for auction. Bereva is finally ready to open in the summer of 2021 (one year after its launch). Tiffany was called by Warwickshire and was near her father, delaying her process.Her father died in her arms on June 20th on her father’s daytt 2021.

Returning to Blackpool, Bereva finally opened the door in August. This was his father’s 86 years birthday. Event whirlwind and lack of funds. Tiffany and her housekeeper Daniel Robison procured home finishes from charity shops and upcycling plants and once again set foot in the local community.

In addition to mannequins, wax melts and quirky decorations, Belleva boasts a wall mural by the local highly skilled graffiti artist “Christian Fenn” (aka Seca One). Wall art is a giant lotus flower that has attracted the attention of many guests and locals.

The hallway is adorned with prints given to Tiffany by a cunning friend. The lampshade in the common area on the ground floor is a variation of the hat, and the landing on the ground floor also has a small upcycling trash can unit section where guests can donate toiletries to disinfect and reuse the container. ..

Each of Belleva’s (based on St Chads Road) Blackpool’s seven bedrooms or suites boasts Alexa flat-screen TVs. Light meals and snacks. Bathrobes, towels and luxurious bed linen. The suite has a bathtub with a relaxation bath, Jacuzzi and L-shaped bath. Two of the suites have a double vanity unit and a bathroom-friendly TV. All bathrooms feature a light sensor mirror with a shower point and a flush toilet and a water-saving shower system.

Daniel Robinson is responsible for keeping the bedroom clean, and so far the team has been acclaimed for hosting and cleanliness.

Tiffany says their target audience is for those looking for something different in a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by the bustling Blackpool town.

With a sustainable outlook, Belleva encourages guests to use the local food and drink store, but the rooms are only in the guesthouse. Belleva has contacted local artists to encourage them to exhibit their work.

Belleva is resident with mannequins involved in community activities, such as Fylde Coast Women’s Aid and locals who want to visit Belleva and dress up their mannequins with their own textile and design skills. Belleva is a home of difference and is constantly evolving to keep up with fresh new ideas and opportunities.

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