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Best fall gnome | OurQuadCities

Which fall gnomes are the best?

Gnomes are a great way to add charm and personal style to any garden, yard or home. In fact, lawn gnomes have been around since the 1800s and were originally thought to provide protection by guarding crops.

Today, however, gnomes come in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs, adding a touch of whimsy to any space they’re in. If you’re looking for a solar fall gnome to brighten your yard or garden, then the Yellow Hat Earnest Garden Gnome is the top choice.

What to Know Before Buying Fall Gnomes


Fall Gnomes come in a variety of materials. There are plush gnomes, stone gnomes, wood gnomes, and more. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • specific: Concrete Gnome is strong and weather resistant, perfect for outdoor use. Over time, however, concrete can develop cracks over time and be constantly exposed to harsh conditions such as rain or wind.
  • Stone: Stone Gnome is heavier than other materials, also very durable and able to withstand the elements. Stone gnomes may break or break when dropped, but should hold up in most cases.
  • Ceramic products: Ceramic gnomes are one of the most common materials and also one of the most affordable, usually painted in a range of cool or bright colors. The downside of ceramic is that the color starts to fade over time. They also break easily.
  • wood: Wooden gnomes have a pleasing natural beauty. However, they do not hold up well in wet or humid climates.
  • resin: Although it will shatter when dropped, resin is another great material that looks similar to china or ceramic. It’s also tough against bad weather.
  • other materials: Some fall gnomes are made of soft materials and are mainly used to decorate indoor living spaces. That’s why felt, fabric or plush gnomes often adorn bookshelves, kitchen counters and other common interior areas.


Indoor fall gnomes tend to be smaller, while outdoor garden gnomes are usually larger. Outdoor fall gnomes are usually about 1-2 feet tall. Smaller gnomes, such as shelf gnomes, may be only a few inches tall. Depending on the design, they may also have bendable limbs.

When choosing a fall gnome, first consider how much space you have. If it’s an outdoor gnome, choose something large enough to accentuate the garden or yard without overwhelming it. Consider placing any gnomes you have in high-traffic areas so people passing by will see them. If you find your gnome is too small, place it in a relatively open space and use some medium-sized stones or other decorations to help it stand out.

Types of

There are several types of fall gnomes. Some are not only decorative but also provide some kind of function.

  • Indie Gnome: These gnomes can stay put without additional support. Most of these gnomes have wide bases to prevent them from falling.
  • Mount or hang: Mounted gnomes can be attached to trees or walls for added decoration. Likewise, hanging gnomes hang from tree branches or under porch beams.
  • decorative: Many gnomes, including stuffed gnomes, are used only for decorative purposes. They may serve no purpose other than breaking up space or adding color.
  • functional dwarf: Functional Gnomes aren’t just for grooming the area. For example, some practical gnomes also serve as bird feeders or add water features to gardens. Other functional gnomes are solar powered and illuminate the surrounding area at night. Solar gnomes, in particular, are a great choice for fall and winter, as the days tend to be shorter.

What to look for in a premium fall gnome


While there are still many traditional gnomes, they now have many different themes. For example, fall gnomes come in fall colors such as orange, brown, yellow, and black. Fall gnomes can also be decorated with sunflowers, turkeys, pumpkins, autumn leaves or lanterns.

There are also gnomes with specific aesthetics that give them personality. For example, there are surfer gnomes, cyclist gnomes, and holiday gnomes.


Fall gnomes come in shades and colors that match the season. Gnomes made specifically for the holidays usually come in colors that correspond to that theme or occasion. If you’re looking for a Halloween or Thanksgiving gnome, look for colors and accessories that match the theme. You may want to match the gnome’s colors with other decorations you plan to use, such as fall plants or foliage.


Besides the color, also consider the type of paint used on the gnome. Most gnomes are available in acrylic, latex or concrete paint. The type of paint varies when it comes to where you place your gnome. For example, acrylic paint is waterproof but not recommended for outdoor use. The same goes for latex paint. Concrete paint is more durable when used outdoors, although it also fades over time.


Fall Gnomes come with a variety of accessories, including:

  • Ceramic mushrooms.
  • Gnome house.
  • Autumn or holiday style logo.
  • fishing rod.
  • LED lights or solar lights.

Celebrate the holidays in the fall-themed gnome village. Alternatively, add things like water features or fountains, stone gardens or pumpkins to the area around the gnome to bring the space to life.

How much you can expect to spend on fall gnomes

Most ceramic, resin and plush gnomes cost between $10 and $20. However, you can expect to spend $20 to $50 on gnomes made of durable resin, wood, or stone.

Fall Gnomes FAQs

Can I fix my fall gnome?

A sort of. It depends on the type of material used to build gnome. Small cracks in gnomes made of plush or other soft materials can be repaired. You can also make some small touch-ups at home if the painted gnomes start to fade.

Where should I put my fall gnome?

A sort of. As long as it’s on a stable surface like a shelf or low porch step, you can place your gnome anywhere you want.

What are the best fall gnomes to buy?

Top Fall Gnomes

yellow hat earnest garden gnome

what you need to know: This solar powered fall garden gnome is perfect for lighting up outdoor spaces.

what would you like: Made of weather resistant resin, this sturdy gnome is 1 foot tall and uses a powerful LED light that glows for hours at night. It comes in a variety of colors and has a detachable lantern.

what should you consider: The gnome’s hat is a bit fragile.

where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Top fall midgets for money

Thanksgiving Shelf Decoration Fall Gnome

Thanksgiving Shelf Decoration Fall Gnome

what you need to know: Available in a variety of colors and fall themes, these two plush midgets complement any shelf or windowsill.

what would you like: Made from soft materials, these adorable gnomes are the perfect way to turn any room into a fall-themed wonderland. These collectible gnomes also have Halloween and Harvest themes.

what should you consider: These gnomes are only suitable for indoor use.

where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth a try

Gift Boutique Thanksgiving Pumpkin Garden Goblin

Gift Boutique Thanksgiving Pumpkin Garden Goblin

what you need to know: These 6.5″ tall midgets add a touch of fall to indoor and outdoor spaces.

what would you like: These fall gnomes on pumpkins are made from high-quality wood and ceramic and are as cute as they are mysterious. They’re great for small areas or as a complement to other classic fall or holiday-themed decor.

what should you consider: On the smaller side, these gnomes may blend well in larger spaces.

where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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