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Which is the best of Mid Century’s modern wall art?

Mid-century modern seems to be all the rage today. This American design movement is known for its beautiful and simple furniture design. And many love it in a way that mixes modern aesthetics with natural wood and subtle colors. Now that major furniture retailers have revamped their inventories to meet this lasting trend over the last decade, almost everyone can enjoy the mid-century modern feel at home. But with such an understated interior design theme, it can be difficult to find a wall decoration that matches its meditative and peaceful mood.

From paintings and photographs to sculptural murals, there are many smart ways to connect mid-century modern rooms. The best choice is the SIGNLEADER frame canvas print abstract wall art, black shapes and lines, but you should consider all the options to your liking.

What you need to know before buying Mid Century Modern Wall Art

What is Mid Century Modern?

Mid-Century Modern is a design movement created by cultural critic Carla Greeneberg in the 1984 book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. She used this term to describe furniture from the 1950s, but now covers all furniture manufactured between 1933 and 1965. Modern furniture is often inspired by this era.

Midcentury’s modern design is known for mixing natural wood, especially teak, rosewood and oak with glass, metal, tufted upholstery and rich leather. You already know Mid-century Modern with just the popular designs such as Eames, MillerKnoll and Knoll.

A combination of wall art and mid-century modern decoration

Mid-century modern is a design scheme that makes it a little difficult to style the surface. Historically, art has no equivalent mid-century modern movement. But if you know which artistic aesthetic fits it, it’s okay to decorate your home. This has been made easier by many designers who are currently creating modern wall decorations for the Mid Century.

You will want to make mistakes on the side of minimalism, mainly decorating with prints and motifs. Going to the sculpture route is great for emphasizing lines and movements and for smooth, organic shapes. Abstract expressionism from or inspired by the Mid-Century art movement is also in good harmony with Mid-Century modernism.

What to look for in quality mid-century modern wall art

Mid-century wall art types

Most of the paintings you can find are printed on paper or wrapped on canvas. Look for high-resolution prints that capture the texture of abstract paints and preserve the richness of flat colors in graphics and pattern art.

Playing with marble (black, white), glass, metal (bronze, copper, gold) and ceramic will make the art of sculptural walls fun.

When it comes to photography, these can be awkward, as the subject drawn can collide with the calm mood of mid-century modern. Choose a pastel quality photo or black-and-white photo like that film. Modernist lifestyle photography and modernist architectural photography from the mid-20th century also work well.


Mid-century modern is usually settled with a palette of natural colors and desaturated accents. You will need a palette that rotates around dark blue. Burnt orange; ocher; forest and jade green; pastel red and coffee and camel brown. More vibrant primaries are reserved for statement pieces.

When styling mid-century wall art, choose a color to play these base palettes. You can use art as its statement piece and choose a saturated, bright secondary color such as purple, orange, or even red. Engraved gold and brass accents made of black or white marble or ceramic give it a delicate luxury.


You will also want to think about how to hang your work. The natural wood frame is a bonus as it meshes seamlessly with the molded plywood of teak media consoles and lounge chairs. There is no mistake in black. However, black can be a bit intimidating, so you may want to add a black metal element to your home. For example, fit the black frame to the black metal legs of the coffee table so that the frame does not overwhelm the natural wood.

How Much Can You Spend on Mid Century Modern Wall Art?

Paintings and prints cost about $ 50 to $ 150. Photos are a bit more affordable and are available in sets from a minimum of $ 20 to a maximum of $ 80. Engravings vary by material, but can easily exceed $ 80.

Mid Century Modern Wall Art FAQ

Need to stick to mid-century modern wall art patterns and abstract paintings?

A. Absolutely not. If you need more expressive art in a modern mid-century home, think about color. Impressionism, for example, is well suited for modern mid-century decoration. You can also think about light. Renaissance paintings may be a little too dramatic, but paintings that do not contain a lot of black or overwhelming dark colors can blend well with the quiet atmosphere of mid-century modernism.

How can I hang wall art?

A. It all depends on whether you are hanging a framed piece or a sculpture. In either case, you will need a hammer and nails. When hanging heavy art in either scenario, always use the stud finder to find wall studs or ceiling beams. If you don’t have the studs in the desired hanging location, use anchors to prevent the art from falling.

What is the best way to buy mid-century modern wall art?

Top mid-century modern wall art

SIGNLEADER Framed canvas print Abstract wall art, shapes and lines in black

SIGNLEADER Framed canvas print Abstract wall art, shapes and lines in black

What you need to know: This modern-inspired set of graphic prints is a staple of modern mid-century homes.

What you like: Three beautiful minimalist prints are available in two sizes, 16 x 24 inches and 24 x 36 inches. They are in a frame of beautiful natural wood color. The print is rendered in black on an off-white background, and a gray touch helps soften the loudness of black. The frame is deep and the print on the canvas recedes due to its substantial appearance. You can line them up in a row or hang them around your room to organize your design themes or attach mounting hardware.

Things to consider: The frame is actually plastic, not real wood.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Top mid-century modern wall art for money

Whaline 6 Pack Abstract Line Art Poster Minimalist Wall Art

Whaline 6 Pack Abstract Line Art Poster Minimalist Wall Art

What you need to know: Perfect for a budget interior decorator, this set of minimalist prints will look great in your first home, apartment, or dorm room.

What you like: Six prints are available in a cohesive palette of pink, orange and rustic warm brown. The floral and line drawing motifs blend in nicely with the modern details of the mid-century. Each poster is 9.72×13.82 inches. The poster has a waterproof and tear resistant coating.

Things to consider: These are not framed.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Worth checking out

NWT Framed Wall Art Print Set Off White Marble Granite

NWT Framed Wall Art Print Set Off White Marble Granite

What you need to know: These three gorgeous marble prints bring the texture of the material to a modern mid-century home.

What you like: The three prints, off-white and cool blue, are cast with fade-resistant ink for archiving. Their natural wood color frame blends beautifully with teak, oak and rosewood. You can also opt for a black frame for more modern home decor. The three prints are 16×24 inches or 24×36 inches, respectively.

Things to consider: Some users have noticed that the packaging for these prints is at risk of shipping damage.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

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