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Which moonshine distillery is best for you?

Whether you’re embarking on a moonshine journey or on your way to becoming a professional moonshine maker, choosing a moonshine kit can be difficult.

In general, the best moonshines like the Clawhammer Supply Copper DIY Still Kit all have some important elements in common. But the best distillery for your home will ultimately depend on your space, your budget, and where you are in your home’s distillation adventure.

What you need to know before buying moonshine


Distillation is a fun hobby, but it can be very time consuming. You’ll have to experiment with different materials for hours and play with the stills to set them up completely.

If you have a time limit, it may be best to use columns. It allows you to focus more on distillation and formulation, rather than wasting time tinkering with your stills.

ease of use

Even experienced homebrewers are much easier to use with easy-to-use stills. The Moonshine Kit, which comes with a large number of parts, can be exciting to assemble, but the same excitement can quickly turn into frustration.

This usually causes the still to be misconfigured and can cause a fire or dangerous final product. It’s always best to use the Moonshine Still Kit, which is easy to set up and use.

Size and space

Before buying the largest one still on the market, consider where to use it. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3-8 gallons.

Unlike the best homebrew kits, 3 gallon moonshine is usually more than enough for an average homebrew.

If you need more than 3 gallons, it’s worth checking the state regulations and regulations. In some states, licenses may impose limits on the size of still images.

You also need to consider where to distill the moonshine. Regardless of size, you need enough space with enough space for ventilation.

What to look for in quality moonshine

Still design

The majority of home moonshine distillers still use either pots or columns. However, some people prefer to use a hybrid that is a combination of the two.

  • pot: The pot still has a large round boiler, line arm, cap, swan neck, condenser, and optional sampler barrel. Boil the mash in a pan until steam is generated. The steam is collected in the cap and sent to the neck, line arm and condenser.

    From the condenser, the steam cools to a liquid known as moonshine. Repeating this process creates more evidence of moonshine behind the legendary story.

  • digit: On the other hand, the pillars are still tall and are more like pillars than pots. Its unique design allows the mash to be distilled many times at once, eliminating the need to repeat the process to create higher evidence moonshine.

    The mash can be distilled multiple times at a time as the vapor rises towards the cooling plate at the top of the column, falls in the form of a liquid and is distilled again. When the components of interest reach a certain level of purity, they themselves move to a condenser to liquefy, cool and collect.


Moonshine Stills are made of stainless steel, copper, or a combination of both. Copper heats up fairly quickly, is easy to handle, and produces higher quality products, making it ideal for home distillers.

The big drawback of copper distillers is that they are not off-the-shelf and require some time and assembly work before they reach the fun part of distillation.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is much cheaper, easier to clean, and much more durable.

The problem that many household distillers have with stainless steel is that they can leave residual compounds that can compromise the flavor and quality of the final product.


It may not seem like much, but it takes time and precision to assemble moonshine. Some stills may require soldering over other common assemblies. If you don’t like the idea of ​​spending a few hours a week putting together still images, consider getting a ready-made one.

How much can you still spend on moonshine

Depending on size, style and material, you can expect to spend $ 90 to $ 700 on high quality moonshine.

Moonshine is still FAQ

Will moonshine expire?

A. The only sure answer is that the only moonshine with an indefinite shelf life is plain, flavorless, bottled moonshine. When mixed with other flavors such as fruit and sugar, its shelf life is significantly shortened.

How much alcohol does 5 gallons still produce?

A. Even 5 gallons usually produces 1-2 gallons of alcohol, but the final amount depends on the quality of the starting alcohol, fermenting sugar and yeast.

What is the best moonshine to buy yet?

Still Top Moon Shine

Claw Hammer Supply Copper DIY Distiller Kit

What you need to know: This completely DIY moonshine is still reminiscent of the past.

What you like: This kit is perfect for anyone who likes to make things from scratch by hand. The traditional design makes an excellent decoration and conversation piece for the day when you hang a distilled hat. It’s a hybrid still with some pots and some regurgitation designed to get higher evidence with minimal alcohol flavor.

Things to consider: Assembling requires some tools such as a soldering iron, torch and hammer.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Still the top moonshine for money

VEVOR alcohol distiller

VEVOR alcohol distiller

What you need to know: Vevor offers a complete moonshine still kit that is easy for beginners and cost effective.

What you like: This moonshine is still easy to use and can be used on most surfaces. It likes big batches (it holds 9.6 gallons) and is the perfect veteran brewer to use copper coils along with food grade silicone. Despite its size, it’s easy to set up. Vevor also has a built-in thermometer.

Things to consider: The fitting may require some work to prevent leaks.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

Worth checking out

COPPERHOLIC Pure Copper Alembic Distiller

COPPERHOLIC Pure Copper Alembic Distiller

What you need to know: Copperholic offers moonshine for those who want to drink delicious food as well as beautifully designed ones.

What you like: This handmade thermometer is still built-in and its unique and beautiful design is worth every penny. It is off-the-shelf and works with any heat source.

Things to consider: The condenser coil can be longer.

Where to buy: Sold on Amazon

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