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Anne Soward, Léa Teuscher

Stone furniture rocks Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022

From rock furniture to marble pieces, from Ghidini 1961 and Salvatori to German Ermičs and Stephen Burks, we explored the best stone designs of the world’s best designers and manufacturers.

We have collected the best stone furniture of the year, including assembled configurations made of marble scraps and curved stone designs including lighting, seats and tables. From marble to limestone to volcanic rock, we left no stones. A survey of natural assets in this Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022 summary shows that artificial organic shapes and puzzle-like arrangements, such as wood and resin-bonded sand, perfect the celebration of our materials. I came across a work that complements. ..

Best Stone Furniture: Difficult to Follow

From left, Fred Ganim’s “Mass” bench for Agglomerati, £ 19,700. “Taura” coffee table by Patricia Urquiola for Salvatori, £ 8,000. Please contact us for the price of “Apple” floor lamps by M2 Atelier for Visionnaire. “Engraving” lamps for Vipps by Morten Bo Jensen, from € 469. “Drop” stool by Danielle Siggerud, € 7,900. ‘Lignaged’ Hermès’ stone table, on request, the price of Hermès by Studio Mumbai. Artwork: Tom Hancock, Interior: Hannah Jordan

This year, we’re collecting all marbles made entirely in Statue Rio, starting with the modular furniture system of Australian designer Fred Ganim. Also made of Italian stone are the M2 Atelier’s “Apple” floor lamps with stem-like leather handles and three types of marble bases, as well as the prehistoric structures found in the Balearic Islands. Inspired by Patricia Urquiola’s “Taula” table. Next are two Scandinavian designs. Danielle Siggerud’s stool, an attempt to square a circle made of one stone, and Vipp’s new table lamp with a marble base and elegant reed glass that incorporates the brand’s distinctive dimming buttons. shade. Also, the blue Hainaut limestone table for Hermes in Studio Mumbai is engraved with radial lines representing the rays.

The best ode to nature: raw materials and organic texture

From the left, please contact us for the “Pele de Tigre” stool and price. By German Ermičs. “Earth” ship by Oliver White Studios, $ 216. For Ghidini 1961, a “native” round table by Stefano Giovanni. “Plain Cut Stone and Steel” table, price for Carpenters Workshop Gallery by Wonmin Park. The Future Perfect “No. 20” mirror by Ben and Aja Blanc, $ 7,800. Please contact us for the price of “6×8” chair. From Max Lamb, Salon 94. Artwork: Studio Likeness, Interior: Olly Mason

We dug deeper into this category and found the buried treasure in the form of fascinating tactile pieces made from organic materials such as wood, marble and ore. Rest assured that Stefano Giovanni is fringed with shiny metal from a Maxram sculpture chair made of Western red cedar interlocking blocks and an Oliver White monolithic container made of resin-bonded sand. Along its striped pattern, from a sturdy marble table to a wavy German Elmitch marble stool, these are objects that enhance the wild beauty of those natural materials. Wonmin Park, on the other hand, explored the relationship between natural and artificial beauty with a series of tables lined with volcanic rock foundations. The base of the volcanic rock has a smooth surface that looks like a mirror and easily emerges from a precisely cut steel top plate. For Ben and Ajabran’s freeform mirrors, the marble surface is actually achieved by pouring a layer of silver onto a large glass surface, creating a mottled effect celebrating a natural accident.

Best Aggregation: Small Debris, Great Impact

From the left, a terrazzo carpet by Studio Stefan Scholten, € 23,000. Please contact us for the price of “Ritagli” coffee table by Studio pepe. “Friends” table mirror by Stephen Burks for Salvatri, £ 2,900. Terrazzo coffee table, € 11,000 by Studio Stephan Schorten. Photo: Neil Godwin * in the future studio for wallpapers.Interior: Hannah Jordan

Italy’s world-famous quarry has mass-produced marble lumps since Roman times, but what about the scraps produced by this huge industry? In his first solo project, former Scholten & Baijings Stefan Scholten used stone pieces procured from an Italian quarry to create terrazzo carpets and actual slabs assembled in a bookmatch pattern. I created a design such as a table. “Woven” together by Laboratorio Morseletto experts. Meanwhile, Studiopepe has turned to the aesthetics of Dadaism and Opportunity to create a series of unique coffee tables using marble scraps and terrazzo slabs. American designer Stephen Burks has created a super-expressive table mirror made of colorful natural stone, proving that even a small piece of marble can make a big impression. §



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