Binance Labs backed StarryNift launches its Virtual 3D art


Northwest Singapore, January 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Standing of Starry Nift, a global NFT gamification platform announced today, a 3D exhibition gallery and a Web3 co-creation space for artists to share their work. Raise. The exhibition will showcase the most popular NFT works developed by co-creative artists, voted by the Starry Nift community. Participants can participate in immersive 3D experiences from PCs, mobile devices and even VR devices.

StarryNift’s support is a powerful group of VC companies and advisors. Starry Nift’s new and prominent investors include Binance Labs and BSC Fund. Both will be able to provide StarryNift with valuable advice, resources and connections to support growth and expansion. Formal investment cooperation will be announced at the end of January.

Martha Zhang, founder of Starry Nift, commented on the development, saying: These include financial and DAO mechanisms that will probably be discussed and introduced into the blockchain economy, providing more usefulness to meet the needs of participants. The amount of innovation in NFT spaces is expected to be the most influential and influential and will be the next “blockchain killer” after Bitcoin. “

StarryNift is a special NFT vault created by two-time Grammy-nominated musician and NFT artist Steve Aoki (Wiki) and producer of the popular Chinese television murder case, Steve Aoki Untamed Vault. We have a strategic partnership with. Mystery drama, The Untamed. With the ambition to support NFT artists, Vault focuses on collecting and purchasing good NFTs and releasing special editions with partner artists. Starry Nift and Vault will work together to create a customized Shadow Ninja Code Green NFT device. NFTs are designed based on the integration of Aoki’s fashionable characteristics and the oriental elements of The Untamed. This NFT vault was previously auctioned at Starry Nift’s Binance NFT IGO event and purchased this collection.

Untamed is the most watched series in Asian television history, with over 10 billion views. The popular murder mystery drama is the first successful Chinese IP to enter the US, European and Latin American markets. The series was overwhelmingly popular on Netflix and created a worldwide sensation.

NSMG is now expanding the Untamed Universe into the realm of immersive experiences and entering the NFT business. NSMG will remove “The Untamed” NFTs from the vault prior to the worldwide launch of mobile games. Purchased NFTs will eventually act as a key for fans to participate in The Untamed Metaverse, unlocking exclusive items once the game is released.

StarryVerse will continue to hold various exhibitions, co-creation contests and other events, encouraging all players to participate in the ecosystem.

Artists and creators can expect profitable rewards by exhibiting, auctioning and selling their work at StarryVerse. Seed users, 3D modelers, and other engineers participating in hackathons who are actively involved in building Web3 can also receive useful rewards. Rewards for these events are provided by Starry Nift’s Co-creation Fund.

2022 could be a great combination of social, gaming and financial elements in the Metaverse. StarryNift aims to go beyond that, as it has established itself as a metaverse that allows players and creators to collect, earn, play, earn, create, earn, and govern in the same way. increase. StarryNift is a decentralized autonomy (DAO) that combines the best of Axie Infinity’s games with the best of Sandbox’s construction to provide players with a great social experience and co-creation elements. I plan to create a metaverse. ..

Experience the 3D Warehouse from this link. Please watch it on YouTube. The gallery will be open on January 20, 2022.

About Starry Nift

StarryNift’s mission is to empower art with technology and democratize its value as a DAO. The vision is to enable the entire ecosystem to share the prosperity of the Token Economy with creators and unleash new ways to explore the Metaverse with game art, DeFi and NFT Ark.

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About NSGM

NSMG is a new generation of entertainment and multimedia companies headquartered in Beijing and with an overseas hub in Los Angeles. It spans artist management, music and film production, live concerts, merchandise, and mobile games.

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