Birth photographer Heather Nischke captures special moments


Milwaukee (CBS 58)-You may have seen the work of Heather Nishke.

She recently took a picture of Janice Adetokumpo and her partner Mariah Riddlespriger when she hosted a diaper drive to celebrate her son Maverick.

She shoots families in all sorts of settings, but the focus of her job is to record births.

She captures those precious moments when the family welcomes new members.

“You don’t like this idea,” Nishke said, holding the camera over his new baby.

Nischke is used to handling noisy clients.

“Oh, that’s perfect! Thank you for your cooperation,” she said with a laugh.

After all, many of them are babies.

She came up with the idea of ​​starting her own business seven years ago.

“Many of it started because I had my own child,” she explained.

It really took off in the last four.

“I would say it’s growing more and more every year,” Nishke said.

Nischke is working to capture the precious moments of the family from the beginning.

The picture shows focus, concentration, and finally joy.

All moments of Gabby Espino’s labor and childbirth were captured.

“You can’t get those moments back, and you know, it happens so fast,” Espino said.

Nischke specializes in birth photography. Her business is called Heather Nischke Birth Services. She is there through labor and childbirth.

“When you’re experiencing something so big, we naturally cut a little to get over it, so when you look back, you don’t always have a clear memory,” Nishke said. Told.

Two years later, that is exactly what Espino feels. She is happy to be able to look back on the birth of her baby Luna.

“I absolutely love it. I look at the pictures on a regular basis,” she said.

Espino joined us at Zoom and talked about Niske and her current toddler.

“She was like having a family overnight,” Espino said of Niske.

“They know I can be trusted,” Nishke said of her client and the trust they had in her. “They know I’m going there.”

Nischke records everything, whether it’s an Espino-like birth or a hospital birth.

“It’s pretty cool to be able to look back at the very clear and cohesive timeline of the event and see how they worked together to bring the kids to the world,” Nishke said. I did.

Espino especially loves to see pictures of her husband holding her daughter.

“Even with my husband, he can see very kind moments,” Espino said. “It’s amazing to see how much a man can fold when he’s holding a newborn baby. I can get it. That’s great.”

Nishke is also a doula and is trained to support women through labor.

“Giving people space to do some kind of work through it is a tribute to me,” Nishke said.

Espino thanked you for your support.

“She was very good at examining my feelings and feelings and was there for me and was that special supporter,” Espino said.

For Nischke, it’s a 24/7 job.

“I basically have to give up my private life to accompany them whenever labor pains can occur,” she said.

And, in the first month of life, he connects with his family.

“We reconnect about a month after giving birth, and we deliver everything, with a little research into the story of their birth. If they’re confused, just a question of what happened, etc. Is there? I can show them, “she said.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that her clients can hold forever.

“Honestly, it’s precious. It really is. It’s a treasure I can have for the rest of my life,” Espino said.

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