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Fargo — More than a year and a half after the murals of climate activist Greta Thunberg hanging in downtown Fargo were attacked by the vandals, police have no clue, but the photographer is grateful. doing.

“I need to thank the destroyers. Now there are four large prints and 150 national and international news articles about my work because of their hatred,” Standing Rock said. Wetplate photographer Schoen Balkowich, who took a picture of Toonberg when he visited, said. October 2019.

Jessica Cinderdecker, a former spokeswoman for the Fergo police, said the grainy video footage of the destroyer and the numerous lead detectives that followed were not sufficient for the Fergo police to identify the suspect.

The incident occurred on April 3, 2020, about two months after being brought from Bismarck to Fargo. The mural was bolted along the outside of the bar and restaurant of the unofficial name SoMa Alley on the street that runs from Broadway to 10th Avenue between Main Avenue and First Avenue South.

Balkovich initially planned to hang a 7-foot-high Swedish climate activist mural on Bismarck, but online turmoil forced him to cancel the installation. Former Fargo City Commissioner Mike Williams has intervened to bring the artwork to the east.

According to Barkovich, the eggs ate up the top layer of the varnish during the vandalism.

A mural of Greta Thunberg after being attacked by a vandal on April 3, 2020.

CS Hagen

The mural was demolished because it couldn’t be cleaned, but a new mural with a protective laminate was hung in the same place.

Barkovich’s Toonberg photo, entitled “Standing With Us All,” has over 2 million likes on social media. The original wet plate in the photo is now in the Library of Congress and the close-up plate was sent to the Swedish History Museum. This photo is also included as one of the Top 50 Photos of 2019 by the Royal Photographic Society.

Hundreds of media from Taiwan to Kentucky, including the Taipei Times, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and The Washington Post, have featured stories about Balkovich’s Toonberg murals since the turmoil in Bismarck.

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