Blood feud: Bitter court battle erupts over iconic surf photographer’s estate, including $379,000 in cash; revelations of mysterious new will found in envelope and marked “Powderkeg”!


Wild claims in court as stepchildren and sister fight for legendary money …

Gold Coast photographer Marty Talemans, who was as part of the history of surfing as the iconic photographs he took, suffered from bipolar disorder, later suffering from dementia and died of renal failure. A little over a year ago.

And ol Marty, who was pretty nifty with his money, left a total of 625k, including $ 379,000 in cash.

The will from 2013 shares his property equally among the four children of his ex-partner, including his stepdaughter Tamar Tane, and nothing to his sister Maria Shaw. did.

Now his sister claims to have found an envelope labeled “Powder Keg” after he entered the Elderly Housing with Care, including an updated version of his will, this time giving her most of his property. I left it.

Stepdaughter Tamar Tane has challenged Maria’s application and has filed a counterclaim.

Tane’s lawyer claims that there is a “suspicious situation” surrounding the signing of the will.

In court documents, Maria says she and her husband found a safe in the cabin of Marty’s Kira Beach Caravan Park, containing an updated will dated October 18, 2019.

Maria said her father Petrus Talemans and Marty’s companion, 30-year-old neighbor Deborah Phillips, had witnessed the will.

Shaw’s son, David, asked Uncle Marty to fill out a will, dictated his hopes, and said he saw Marty sign the form in front of his grandfather Petrus and his neighbor Deborah.

Marty told him to keep his will secret and told his nephew, “I put the will in an envelope labeled” Powder Keg “and put it in the safe.”

“Powderkeg” leaves 50k in Tamar Tane and splits it with her siblings as she wishes. 50k will be assigned to Marty’s brother Frank and the rest to Maria.

And here is a new twist.

Deborah Phillips, allegedly signed “Powderkeg,” signed the statistics in December, stating that he did not see or witness Marty or his dad signing.

In November 2020, Deborah says Maria invited her to dinner and said, “I need to sign Martin’s document,” but she refused.

Maria denies asking Deborah to sign her will.

Meanwhile, the judge ordered Maria to reveal a text message with her. Abandon all Deborah and Marty phones and computers.

More as this dirty little episode unfolds.


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