Book explores world of Maltese seascape artist John Borg Manduca


Almost a year after the death of the Maltese artist John Borg Manduka, an artist’s monograph dedicated to his art and life was unveiled at The Westin Dragonara’s The Snag on February 19.

The gorgeous publication is led by the artist’s only student, Victor Gretsch, and his two sons, Juan and Stephan, who wanted to share their father’s artistic heritage and its decisive moments. Written in. Through interviews also published in publications, they recalled adorable memories that revealed more aspects of creative men commonly famous for seascapes and landscape paintings.

Stephan’s words on sale in the book express this very eloquently.

An avid sailor, Borg Manduka loved the sea completely. His admiration for works of the same genre of prominent predecessors such as Joseph MW Turner and Ivan Aivazovsky pervaded deeply, creating vast paintings of sea and sky and their ever-changing humor. He took the genre of seascapes of the 20th century to new heights, cherished the artistic heritage of the last century, and reinterpreted it through a fresh and contemporary approach.

Gretsch wrote the book and left it to himself to gel together. The interests of consultant pediatric cardiologists range from cosmology to science fiction novels and, among other passions, the practice of martial arts in particular. He claims that the midlife crisis was the starting point for him to start painting.

“When I turned 40, I had this overwhelming urge to paint, awakening. I had never painted or painted anything,” he admits.

He eventually sought artistic guidance from John Borg Manduka.

“I was taught by a gentleman who was very kind, very flexible, and very kind,” says Gretsch.

Sharing mutual love for the seascape, the relationship between mentors and students has become stronger and stronger. This publication is also a deep respect for his “apprentice” to his tutor.

Gretsch’s editorial decision to insert a poem from the epic of the English poet John Masefield Sea fever Is enlightened because the combination of poet laureate’s words and painting images and moods sets the tone for the rest of the book, more eloquently showing Borg Manduka’s love for the ocean.

In a speech at the time of the book’s launch, Richard England, whose wife Miriam happened to be Borg Manduka’s sister, elaborated: Concerto. “

An avid sailor, Borg Manduka was completely in love with the sea

Britain also emphasized the improvisational ability of artists who generally used paintbrushes only to sign finished works, in the words of Borg Manduka’s son Stephane in an interview. Dexterity in the use of his father’s palette knife was his signature technique.

“Take advantage of him [Borg Manduca’s] A palette knife like a jazz drummer handles his drumsticks and he can express the ocean in its many moods … sometimes lively and lively with horrifying waves of anger, yet others It’s calm and immobile, “England said.

The book also explores relationships between Borg Manduka and other artists, including collaborations with brother-in-law England, Gabriel Carana, Richard Demarco, and Scottish artist and poet Ian Hamilton Finley. I’m exploring.

“his [Borg Manduca’s] In collaboration with Ian Hamilton Finley, he embarked on a series of works, showing his other perspectives. One of them was on the side of his army and was a soldier in his career. There was a series of inks depicting tanks and submarines, which were published in the book. This was a particularly decisive moment in my opinion, “Huang explained in an interview in the book.

John Borg Manduca – Landscape and seascapePublished by the NGO Save and Support Trust, is a must-see for Maltese art lovers and meritencia collectors. Gretsch’s eclectic approach as an author provides a fresh, unorthodox perspective for the Maltese artist, who was certainly one of the protagonists of the Maltese 20th century seascape genre.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the NGOs Save & Support Trust and Beating Hearts Malta.

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