Brooklinen’s Birthday Sale 2022 Means 20% Off Best-Selling Sheets, Towels, and More — Details, How to Shop

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Brook linen — Also known as the lifestyle brand behind our favorite bedding and loungewear options on the market — 8 This year. To celebrate, it’s throwing one hell of a fuss in the form of a spectacular birthday sale to thank everything for the day-as well as the first day and new customers.

start up April 26th to May 4th, Shoppers can earn a 20% score from the entire Brook Linen e-commerce site.Discounts are applied automatically at checkout, but in rare cases enter your code birthday, And it has to do the trick. This spectacular sale includes everything on the retailer’s website, except for selected items from the bedroom space category, including home decor such as lighting and wall art. However, you can get everything else, including sheets, duvet comforters, towels, and loungewear. Needless to say, I don’t want to sleep with this amazing site-wide promotion.

Overwhelmed by all the options and don’t know what to try? Don’t worry, we have some fan favorite suggestions to help you get started.

For one thing, branded loungewear like Super Plush Robes is a great choice for those who love a cozy atmosphere. Speaking of cozy, check out the Weight Throw Blanket. It comes in four shades (Deep Rose, Deep Navy, Deep Alpine, Terracotta) and weighs 12 pounds, so it feels like a hug every time you snuggle under it.

Brook linen weighted throw blanket

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Brook linen super splash robe

In the towel category, ultra-lightweight bath towels are the brand’s fastest drying option and feel like they are wrapped around a feather-light body. However, if you’re interested in something a little thicker and more luxurious, check out our extensive selection of towels.

Hook your beach towel while you are in it that too [add something like, “in preparation for the sunny days ahead.” Available in three super-artsy designs (NYC Summer, High Tide, and Island Life) the Artist Series Beach Towel is a limited-edition collection. Made from velour and terry cloth, this towel is extremely absorbent and feels super soft to the touch.

Brooklinen Artist Series Beach Towel

Brooklinen Ultralight Bath Towels

Ready to relax? You can’t go wrong with the Down Pillow. This pillow is available in two sizes (Standard and King) and for the ultimate customization, you can choose between Plush, Mid-Plush, and Firm constructions, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit.  


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