Bullock’s department store was a special shop


There was a time when shopping was an enlightening experience, mainly due to the exquisite architecture of department stores. The mundane act of buying clothing, sporting goods and cosmetics has been exaggerated by the beautiful environment. In Palm Springs and Los Angeles, the apogee of that experience was that of Brock.

The Los Angeles flagship store, Brock, was an Art Deco-style Tour Duforce designed by John and Donald Parkinson. The interior is equally spectacular and was appointed by the unreasonably vague Master Architect, the subject of a gorgeous new book by Christopher Long. The book, entitled “Jock Peters, Architecture and Design: The Varieties of Modernism,” is a must-read for anyone who wants a true understanding of Southern California’s mid-century modern design. A quick glance at that page will give you a crush on Peters’ rare interior, even for a moment of shopping.


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