Burberry’s building “could destroy thousands of birds” says commenter

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In this week’s comment update, readers are frustrated by the design of Burberry, a reflective pop-up store in South Korea, and discuss other top stories.

Burberry, a British fashion brand, has set up a pop-up store that reflects the surrounding mountains on Jeju Island, South Korea, and has unveiled its latest outerwear collection.

Imagined Landscapes Jeju installations are made of plywood, wood and reflective polycarbonate mirror material.

“I can’t get in touch in almost every possible way”

Commenters are frustrated. “Oh, poor birds!” Stephanos S. “Why are architects allowed to design reflective buildings? The design is great, but the reflectors are clearly wrong. . “

Apsco Radiales agrees, “You can even get over shapes, designs, and places, but in the name of God, why are you building a highly reflective building that destroys thousands of birds?” bottom.

“Today is tomorrow’s garbage!” Alexis Harrison continued. “Hopefully South Korea has ample landfill space for non-circular polycarbonate and plywood discarded after a pathetic short life that will entertain some people.”

“We can’t get in touch in almost every possible way,” concludes Steve Leo.

Dezeen asked Burberry if the building poses a bird danger, but hasn’t answered yet.

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Detachable stadium built with shipping containers completed in Qatar

“If the building can emit a virtue signal,” commentators say, the shipping container stadium “will be a role model.”

Readers are discussing a removable stadium built with shipping containers. It is nearing completion in Qatar prior to the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

“If this building were actually disassembled and built elsewhere, it would be a decade of architectural story,” says Puzzlero.

“The stadium isn’t built with shipping containers, as I can see,” Walter Astor replied. “The stadium is made of steel and concrete and is fitted with some recycled shipping containers to make a slight sustainability claim. If the building can emit a virtue signal, this is It will be a role model. “

Garlic agreed: “How is this sustainable? Some tokenist shipping containers plunged into for aesthetics don’t make it sustainable, and what happens to them after the World Cup? mosquito?”

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Virgil Abloh and IKEA bag
10 projects by Virgil Abloh demonstrating his diversity as a designer

Readers believe Virgil Abloh “showed the world that everything is possible”

Commentators, designers and creatives pay tribute to Virgil Abloh, who died of cancer this week. We’ve also put together 10 projects that explain approaches that push the boundaries of designers.

“Sad day,” Nil said. “Icon that sleeps peacefully!”

“The heritage you left behind is always remembered,” Lek added. “You have shown that everything is possible in the world.”

Haokip concludes: “I’m not a fan of his work, but it’s sad that he died very young. God congratulates his family.”

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Image of cabin on the edge of a cliff
Zinc-clad hiker’s hut on the edge of the Dolomites cliff

Commentators call hiker cabins “great in all respects”

Readers are discussing a small hut in the dramatic Marmarole Mountains of the Dolomites in northern Italy. It is intended as a shelter for hikers.

“This project is great in all respects,” Sheets said. “Beautifully scaled, shaped and placed-designed with integrity and responsibility and professionally implemented.”

“The mixed feelings about this being an emergency shelter,” JZ continued. “Perhaps the last thing you need to do is sit in a box where the wind rattles, which seems to be intended to run off the edge of the mountain.”

DY did not agree: “I climb tons of tons, and in my opinion this is suitable for the purpose. Beautifully designed and in a good location for visibility purposes. 5 If you’re worried about “getting off the edge” after hours, hiking on steep terrain shouldn’t be that high in the first place. “

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