Burgeoning Brooklyn-based photographer David Urbanke making name for himself in industry

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East Williamsburg, Brooklyn (WABC)-Photographer David Urbanke isn’t a common name yet, but if you live in New York City, you’ve probably already seen his work.

The campaign he shot for Google secured the reputation of a young man who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Brooklyn.

I first met Urbanke in 2011 when I was 16 years old. Seeing his progress is one of the joys of this work. His work is everywhere these days.

Online, his work at Ralph Lauren has a sense of voyage. Nevertheless, not everything is going well for him.

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Urbanke had to overcome his shared challenges on his way to a milestone moment for him.

His work at Google was the first to see one of the photographs on the side of the building, including one just outside the East Williamsburg studio.

Seeing that, I commented that he had to take some pride in his achievements. Despite his humility, he admitted that it was meaningful.

He was a teenage genius and began to show his talent when he was handed a camera at the age of twelve.

“I met a girl who I thought looked like a model,” he told us 10 years ago. “So I just started shooting them.”

When he grew up in Berkeley Heights, he said he felt uncomfortable and called his high school experience trauma.

“I was bullied by my peers and teachers,” he said. “I was called my name. I was physically harassed.”
In 2016, I found him shooting a star like Michael B. Jordan and a fashion layout for WWD.

His approach was recently endorsed by Kerry Washington, who hired him to take a picture of her for her own jewelry line.

“Patience is very important,” he said. “Things don’t happen overnight. I wish I knew earlier. It’s a process. It takes time.”

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That may be true, but he also has a cool way to bring out the best of the people.

“He makes you feel like you’re just with a friend,” said model Katie Moore. “You are just comfortable and relieved.”

When I think of Urbanke, I remember the lyrics of old songs.

He will be more than fine.

Urbanke emphasizes trusting your gut and not discouraging others from pursuing your dreams.

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