Busy Rapids City mural artist beautifies damaged Blue Cat with new blue catfish


Artist Atlanta Dawn has helped so many Quad Cities businesses look brighter over the past two months. Not surprisingly, she helped recover the Blue Cat Brew Pub in downtown Rock Island from graffiti tags last weekend.

Charlie Cole, head of brewing and co-owner of Bluecat, got a job on Monday morning, December 20th, with a pink graffiti on the south-facing wall of the building (113 18th St., Rock Island). I noticed. He contacted police, but downtown security cameras were unable to catch the suspect, Cole said Thursday.

At dawn — a 28-year-old painter from Rapids City, Illinois — saw a picture of a graffiti and contacted Cole (her friend) about drawing on it. She completed the new art (blue catfish, matching the blue cat logo) within five hours on Thursday and wore a festive red and white elf outfit.

Bluecat walls before and after damage caused by recent graffiti.

“That’s great,” Cole said Thursday afternoon. “When I was there, she actually did a lot of work at Vent River. She did a lot of work at many local businesses and other breweries. We have some friends with each other. “

They covered the art of the new wall with sealant, so attempts to tag it can be easily removed, Cole posted on Facebook. “And if they decide to tag other parts of the wall, it will be covered by another local artist. The lighting on that wall has been upgraded, public cameras are facing it, and the police. The report has been submitted. Defense is the best attack. “

“BlueCat Brewing Co. is back and thriving. If you haven’t joined since resuming last month, add it to your to-do list,” Dawn posted Thursday. “The food is great and brewing master Charlie Cole makes liquid gold.”

She told local graffiti artists that Cole was originally thinking of spray-painting unwanted graffiti on Friday morning. “Then I thought about it, it was like a blue cat. I was able to do a really cool catfish,” Dawn said. “I’m not spray-painting, but I wanted to paint a really cool catfish. He seems to be at that time.”

She intended to wear her usual overalls while painting on Thursday, but she saw a warm forecast and changed into an elf outfit.

Atlanta Dawn, 28, Rapids City, Illinois.

“I didn’t think it would be like the media, but I’m really happy because they’re just reopening because of Bluecat and they really want to succeed,” Dawn said. Told. “I’m really happy to see them and it’s getting a lot of public attention, so people know they’re reopened and they have a new Headbrew Master.”

She said graffiti is actually happening a lot lately around Quad Cities.

“I find it sad and unfortunate. While I was painting, there were a lot of people who stopped by and said I was very happy that you fixed it.” Dawn said.

Four years after the new owner of the former Blue Cat Brew Pub rebranded the bar and restaurant Big Swing Brewing Co., a soft reopening of some of the original beer recipes and names from 27-year-old QC craft brewing pioneers. I came back on November 5th.

Cole pays as much respect as possible to the heritage that Dan and Martha Cleveland started in 1994. Bluecat releases a taplist that combines new menu items such as experimental soups, sandwiches and burgers with award-winning classic blue. Cat recipes and new beer from the award-winning Head Brewer.

Charlie Cole is the brewing director and co-owner of Blue Cat Brew Pub (Photo: JonathanTurner).

“When I was eating there yesterday, they were actually filling a lot of tables compared to when I visited them in the week they opened,” Dawn said. .. “I went in and sat down to support them and had lunch, but no one was there. And by this time, it was about a month and a half since the store opened. They were at the table. Most of it was full and people were there and it was happening. It was so cool. “

New beer collaboration and future art

Cole said he wanted to build the entire wall of local artists to participate in catfish.

“Bluecat has a lot of connections with the time it opened in collaboration with local artists. It has local art,” he said Thursday. “Craft beer brewing beer is as scientific as art. We are all creative and artists. We are very enthusiastic about working with local artists and working with local breweries. “

Cole contacted Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of Quad City Arts, about getting another artist to cast a spell on the wall.

“It’s great to have multiple artists and cover the entire wall,” he said. “It will make it so pretty cool.”

One of the latest partnerships between Bluecat and the local craft brewery is the new Rye IPA. This is a collaborative brew of Genesio Brewing head brewer Rachel Rabby, Crawford Brewworks head brewer Scottshire, Pink Boots / Powder Keggers member Karenshire and Charlie Cole.

Bluecat bartender Alice unveils a glass of the new Rye IPA.

The sweet and complex IPA comes from a recipe by Cole’s friend Kurt Smelser. KurtSmelser won the Judges Choice at the 2018 Homebrewing Contest and the award to brew one of his recipes with Geneseo Brewing’s professional equipment.

Unfortunately, Smercer died before winning the award (April 15, 2021, his 62nd birthday). Rachel, Scott, Callen and Charlie got together to make sure his beer was brewed and tapped. “Thanks to Geneseo Brewing’s friends for sending me a small amount to tap BlueCat,” Cole recently posted. “Kart was a great brewer and a better friend. I am honored to be part of this tribute.”

Cole wrote in July on the QC Yale Trail blog:

“The local brewing community was surprised by the news that Kurt died. He may not have been a professional brewer, but he was deeply involved in the QC brewing community. Your favorite local Most of the breweries have breweries that call Kurt a friend and are inspired by him and his work. The Cedar Rapids / Waterloo and Oklahoma City brewing communities have also been influenced. Kurt is also in these areas. I spent a few years at. “

Kurt Smercer (left) in Waterloo, Iowa, died on April 15, 2021 on his 62nd birthday.

“He had the presence of confidence and wisdom when it came to his knowledge of brewing,” Cole wrote. “His personality was also very warm, charming, never proud, and always humble when it came to receiving feedback on his often bigger and heavier beer.”

“He was a great man and a great friend,” he said on Thursday at Smelser. “He is very lonely. We brew his beer and are delighted to pay homage to him.”

For more information on Bluecat, please visit their website.




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