Calling all North Shore art enthusiasts: Is your business suitable for an art installation?

Calling all North Shore art enthusiasts: Is your business suitable for an art installation?

Staten Island, NY-If you’re a business owner of St. George, Tompkinsville, or Stapleton, who is familiar with art and has a strong desire to beautify your community, now’s your chance to express that passion. As part of the North Shore Art Tray Louis Initiative, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) is looking for companies interested in hosting works of art on their property. A New York State grant will fund this initiative.

“Our goal is to make these areas even more beautiful and connect the three communities through this art trail,” said Gina Gatman, interim president of SIEDC. “There is no cost to real estate owners. All art installations are funded by a grant from New York as part of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative. We are currently looking for a space with the right walls. For murals and certain facades that artists may be inspired by. “

According to Gutman, priority is given to Bay Street, Front Street, and the side streets that connect these main streets to the Waterfront Greenway. This effort is aimed at facilitating district-wide visits and future investments.

The art recruited through the request for proposal process this summer includes building walls, small open spaces, murals, commissioned sculptures, digital art, lighting equipment, and art installed on important things. Not limited to these. Permanent installations and performances. The main themes of the art trail are sustainability and the environment.

“I don’t know what the artist suggests and what type of canvas they want. A building completely covered with a roll-down gate, or a small square or courtyard where sculptures can be placed may be more attractive. Gatman Like the Lighthouse Museum, he said the Ferry Hawk Stadium is already showing interest. “This is the first time for us. We have never done an art trail. What the artist can think of. I’m looking forward to seeing you and I can’t wait to connect the community through this highly creative project. “

Stakeholders should contact SIEDC (718-477-1400, ext. 823) for more information.


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