Can NFTs Change Hollywood And Entertainment

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The entertainment industry is currently worth $ 2.2 trillion worldwide. The effect cannot be measured accurately. Themes and storylines that destroy the spirit and culture of that era are undoubtedly a generational impact on our population. Can NFTs really add another layer of innovation?

NFTs bring several opportunities to the market. At least from the commercial point of view of production companies and studios. $ 50 Million Hollywood Movie Antara Partially funded through NFT. Holders will own some of their digital rights and will benefit from box office performance.

This can change a project from a private placement to a potential public offering, creating many opportunities and potential issues. Do those NFT holders also have an element of editorial remarks in the project? If so, how can you justify and / or control it?

In 2021, the reported $ 4 billion worth of NFTs were sold. This shows that there is a real market, but does the same market lead to entertainment? So far, it seems possible.

You can also use NFTs to increase the popularity of your project and fund it before you launch it. This perspective gives creators more creative control and can take power away from the studio or label, but it can also empower the audience.

This could support up-and-coming talent, but you’ll be wondering why someone buys an NFT associated with an unknown creator or project. It seems that work needs to be done to build a “brand” of content before potential ties with NFTs.

Lionsgate recently partnered with Autograph to sign a deal to create NFTs for several large franchises, including: John Wick, The Hunger GamesWhen mad Men..

“NFTs provide a great opportunity to deepen the experience, user engagement and interaction of building a mixed reality world and fostering a community for hundreds of millions of global consumers to create their own digital collections. “Autograph has made this discovery,” said Genefer Brown, Executive Vice President and Head of Lions Gate Global.

From an individual perspective, NFTs can also be used entirely by artists to generate large amounts of additional revenue that was not previously available for a particular talent. The overall concept and the task of avoiding merchandising can also be confusing.

Arvin Khamseh, an NFT marketing consultant, first launched in the NFT sector in October 2021. He initially helped an Italian artist launch his first collection. “I didn’t know at that time, but this would be a big deal for me,” said Khamseh. The consultants have launched over 400 NFT projects for individuals of different brands and sizes.

He specifically said that while NFTs are easy to launch literally, success is a completely different factor.

“At NFTs, we need to make sure we have experienced marketing professionals. NFTs are easy to do, but often fail due to lack of marketing experience in the project.” Added.

“Many artists don’t really understand business, so they’re just guessing.”

He also emphasized the importance of developing a pre-launch strategy. Traditional art and media aren’t always big when it comes to speed, but according to him, NFTs are very important about how fast you can get up and running.

“The biggest reason people fail is that they don’t move fast. It really only takes four to six weeks to effectively market a launch.”

Khamseh argued that the need for speed was partly due to the nature of current NFTs. “Everyone is launching an NFT. If you don’t act right away, you’ll lose support and attention to another project.”

He relies heavily on data to move quickly. By focusing on three key metrics: the number of Discord members, the number of Twitter followers, and the number of whitelisters, he can quickly plan when to launch a client’s NFT. “We need the right number for each … Therefore, a 10,000 NFT project requires at least 30,000 members to be discordant. The important thing is to have followers ready to take action. I was attracted. “

“Many people don’t have the mental strength or dedication to see the project to the end. Once you miss it in the NFT space, it’s almost done.”

Part of that action is to have access to the funds you need. Khamseh believes that marketing alone needs to secure at least $ 60,000 for an NFT project to be successful. “It’s all about marketing. Yes, there are some unicorns, but they aren’t standard.”

As the NFT industry finds a wave of stability, there is no doubt that many others will try to see what works for launching campaigns in and around the entertainment sector.


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