Chairman Ting celebrates Lunar New Year with Buns of Fortune NFTs


Award-winning Vancouver artists are expanding the world of NFTs just in time for the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

Carson Ting, co-founder of Ting Chairman of the Arts and Design Studio, will release Buns of Fortune on the Opensea NFT Marketplace on February 1st at 12:00 am to celebrate Chinese New Year and Tiger Year.

Lunar New Year’s Digital Art Collection grows Ting’s popular “Billion Buns” NFT universe. It was launched in early January at Blockchain Foundry’s Last Known NFT Marketplace.

“The Vans of Fortune are actually the Fortune gods, the gods from the heavens of the planet Banana,” explained Ting to Daily Hive. “Like the original 888.0 billion breads that fled their dying home planet, these noble gods not only bless them fortunately, but also to the planet Earth to celebrate their safe arrival. I chased.

“In short, this nano-sized NFT collection is arguably an extension of Billion Buns, a way to show how Billion Buns can incorporate different forms of visual and artistic expression from hand-drawn 2D illustrations. Everything from 3D art to 3D art is in the world of Billion Buns. “

There are 18 buns fortunes in the collection, which will be dropped on February 1st. Each owner will receive a physical art print, stamp, signature and number to commemorate the first edition of the Chinese New Year NFT collection. ..

“Lunar New Year has always been a big deal for my family,” Ting said. “When I was a kid, until late at night, I was able to see many extended families under one roof, enjoying a ridiculous amount of great food and watching endless bad kung fu movies. It was. I play mahjong.

“There is no doubt that the best part of Lunar New Year is to receive a bucket of cash-filled red envelopes for a festive feast. But back then, I’m cash now. I’m an old Asian dad handing out these red envelopes packed with. Oddly enough, I feel better than I actually receive, so I donate 10% of my earnings to the charity again. “

Ting is holding two gifts to thank the Billion Buns community for their support. The 18th Van of Fortune will be awarded to a random van owner’s wallet and the 8th Van of Fortune will be drawn through his social media contest. twitter And Instagram account.

The final release of the art will take place on February 1st, and when the Buns of Fortune is sold out, three ultra-rare holy bread bonuses available for purchase will be announced.

Another benefit Ting recently announced to the Billion Buns community is its partnership with Vancouver’s OFF-WHITE and Feuille Luxury, which offers a special 10% discount to all Bun holders of regular priced items.

Carson Tin, founder of Villion Vans and co-founder of Chairman Tin (Lewis Baldison, from the time they found / submitted us)

“The reaction to the virions buns is overwhelmingly positive, and to be honest, I can’t explain how much energy is flowing to me right now,” Tin said. “Every moment I wake up feels filled with ideas for expanding the world of 1 billion buns.

“I’m naturally very positive and energetic, but I’ve run into another level of enthusiasm I haven’t felt since I was a kid discovering pencil crayons since the start of this Billion Buns NFT project.”

When Ting’s Billion Buns collection was removed on January 10, all 888 unique NFTs disappeared in 48 seconds, helping to raise $ 24,000 for charity.

His new NFT collection, Buns of Fortune, was created in collaboration with artist Mark Illing.

“Mark’s attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. From day one, I was really impressed with his technical and artistic ability,” said Ting. “Mark’s passion for computer-generated 3D visuals made him a perfect partner because my method is more traditional compared to him. I asked Mark for the last drop. Created a digital 3D art frame with illustrations of billions of breads floating in space for. After seeing his 3D skills, I immediately wanted him to join my Billion Buns project. thought.”

For more information, visit Opensea’s Buns of Fortune.


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