Changing Seasons Marked with Iconic Artworks: Top 10 Most Popular Paintings for Spring 2022

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Wichita, Kansas – March 16, 2022 – During the annual spring cleaning, oil painting giant has put together a list of the 10 most popular new artworks in homes and offices. Created by a historic and new artist, this collection captures both the carefree spirit of the changing seasons and the gloomy moments.

The top 10 list, edited using consumer insights from sales data and intent analysis from millions of site visitors and customers, includes historical great artwork, and today. Also includes a particularly special artist, Justyna Kopania, who continues to brush the canvas.

Top 10 Most Popular Artworks for Spring 2022

1. Abandoned Rose – Pierre Auguste Renoir (1915)

2. Galaria Sea Storm – Rembrandt (1633)

3. Giverny’s Pathway in Monet’s Garden – Claude Monet (1902)

4. Café Terrace at Night – Vincent van Gogh (1888)

5. A walk on the cliffs of Poolville – Claude Monet (1882)

6. Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh (1889)

7. Giverny Garden Pass-Claude Monet (1902)

8. Composition VII – Wassily Kandinsky (1913)

9. Kiss – Gustav Klimt (1907)

10. May – Justyna Kopania !! 2313726148.jpg

The general theme of spring can be found in this collection of paintings. Monet’s floral is in full bloom in Giberny’s garden, and Renoir’s roses are gently wilted and thrown away, but not so beautiful.

The top 10 list includes works by Van Gogh and Polish artist Justina Copania that capture quiet moments in a night setting.It’s been over 100 years before the two created their work, but the painting interprets the tranquility of the night – with Van Gogh. Night when the stars shineAnd Copania and her Month..

In the spring, the get-together becomes intimate and special, and the art in the Top 10 collection reflects this.Klimt’s kiss A walk on the cliffs of Monet shows a hug of tenderness and passion while featuring two women who share a moment surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Amitai Sasson, vice president of e-commerce at, said the most popular artwork of the time showed something in common with art lovers’ interpretation of the season. Relationships change, flowers bloom, wilt, and the world expands like new leaves with shared social moments.

“Spring is a new beginning and a new beginning of challenge and change. The artistic symbolism of this is beautifully captured. Flowers explode in color in Monet’s garden and waves in the sea of ​​Rembrandt. We see them rushing, while Kandinsky finds harmony in the chaotic arrangement of abstract shapes and color collisions, “says Sasson. is one of the web’s most successful distributors of wall ornaments, the most comprehensive of hand-painted reproduction oil paintings, contemporary artist prints and museum frames available in the online oil painting industry. I have a selection. The company also offers hand-painted glass ornaments, ceramic tiles and luxury mirrors.


Founded in 2002, is one of the leading distributors of high quality wall art on the web.

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The company also owns and operates ArtistBecome (, an online community for contemporary artists around the world.

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