Chartscape Automates Turning Charts Into Wall Art For Investors


Investing in the stock market is more than just a wavy line. It rides on the ups and downs of the market, highs and lows. We have unique skills (and some luck) when we buy and sell, and the results can have a significant impact on our financial well-being.

“Chartscape believes that making the right investment decisions is commendable and worth remembering in a concrete way. Chartscape works with talented designers and programmers around the world. Help commemorate your investment decision by turning the 140,000 shares and crypto charts inside into customized souvenirs in the form of wall art (or screen savers, postcards, etc.). “Work” and co-founder Adrian Falbay explains.

The platform is currently in operation after months of collaboration between serial entrepreneur and founder Adrian and experienced full-stack developer co-founder Keylan Simpson.

Both co-founders are big supporters and avid investors of the “economic independence” movement. “For those of us who live and breathe in the stock market, we all have a favorite deal. When we buy Tesla for $ 49 and sell it for $ 800 a few years later, or for two days. When you earn 18% on Bitcoin in the window. When we support the winner, it should be celebrated and it should be remembered. Creating a trading chartscape is a risk and a wise intention. It’s an opportunity to carefully reward the decision, “Falvey adds.

Self-funding is important to Chartscape, saying, “Everyday technicians are economical by building smart and creative products without needing millions of dollars and hiring hundreds of people. You can use your skills to achieve independence. Chartscape is everything. By conservatively celebrating success, this spirit extends to the way we run our business, “says Adrian.

In line with this, the pair aims to ensure that corporate profits are returned to those who have made the utmost effort to help create the platform. “We want to give artists and creatives the opportunity to get some of the financial transaction action. We pay fees to artists who contribute their work to Chartscape,” explains Falvey. ..

In collaboration with New Zealand illustrator Sara Ransley, the pair launched the first four categories of artwork options (automobile, technology, resources, space) to attract additional artists enthusiastic about using their work on the platform. I want

The platform has proven to be popular with day traders since its “soft launch”. Chartscape wants to target securities companies and trading companies next by providing Chartscape services to its clients. “Customer engagement from these companies is often the case for the” same old “PDF and is reported quarterly. Imagine a portfolio update in the form of (easy-to-understand) artwork! Falbay says.

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