Chris Luce designs Casa Nu as a “refuge” for surfers

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Exposed concrete and outdoor showers define this Mexican home by architect Ruth’s Chris Ruth, designed as a functional sanctuary for surfers.

Casanu is located under the vast mango trees of La Saladita, a coastal town in southern Mexico.

The house is covered with bare concrete

Ruth built a two-story dwelling with thick exposed concrete walls arranged in a stacked geometric shape.

“The project was to design a shelter for surfers,” Ruth said. He named it Casa Nu after the French plural pronoun “nous” (meaning “us”) to describe the creative process between the client of the house and its architect.

Mexican house
Covered with a large mango tree

The 100m2 house is a compact floor plan with a kitchen and living room on the ground floor and a parallel bathroom with two parts that separate the toilet and shower to increase guest flexibility.

On the second floor, there is a distinctive bedroom with a large bed and a modular wardrobe, with freshly baked pine-fringed windows overlooking the nearby lush landscape.

Surf house living room
Downstairs there is an open plan kitchen and living area

Furniture and cabinets in neutral tones were minimized to complement the subtle façade of the house, and a set of solar panels was added to its roof.

According to Luce, Casa Nu is also designed to connect indoor and outdoor spaces by placing a variety of amenities in a spacious exterior area surrounding the property with decorative planters.

Laundry, utilities and storage are located in this area, with guest bathrooms, spacious surfboard racks and a cluster of outdoor showers for use after a long day at the beach.

“This set of designated spaces is also arranged in a way that provides strong protection for the home,” Ruth explains.

Freshly baked pine forest windows
The window frame was designed with grilled pine wood

The slat formwork decorates and softens the concrete look of the house, and the polished concrete floor and brass joints are also included in Kasanu’s material pallet.

“The goal was to research and implement the best materials for the finish so that the life of the house could be organically altered to achieve natural patina and sophisticated aging,” the architect said. ..

“Casa Nu has all the necessities to provide rest and peace after a surfing session.”

Open air shower
Outdoor shower connects indoor and outdoor spaces

Other properties created for surfers include a Chilean house and cabin with a rooftop area designed overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and a Santa Cruz cypress-covered villa with a building for storing surf gear. I have.

The photo is by Anna Paula Alvarez.

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