Christmas Village Decor Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Christmas Village Decor Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Following this success, Department 56 began launching a variety of other series in the coming years to this day – notable additions include their Dickens Village, New York City-based Christmas in the City, and a Disney series. The company also quickly implemented annual “retirements” of older models, creating an air of exclusivity and collectability around the products. Collecting these miniature villages has become a popular Christmas custom, with collections ranging from just a few small figurines to large landscapes of sets.

The variety and collectability of Christmas Villages has contributed to their continued popularity. Patti Priestman, co-owner of Christmas Village Shop in Ontario, notes how the growing variety and sophistication of villages has kept consumers interested. Her store prides itself on offering “the largest selection of Christmas townhouses, figurines, Christmas trains and accessories in Canada.” “Animation is relatively new and growing in popularity, the houses and towns are becoming more complicated and sophisticated,” she explains. “Shared family interests can come to life as the product line has grown.”

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But apart from the variety, what else makes Christmas villages so attractive today? Perhaps, as with other miniatures and artificial lives, the worlds they create allow one to live through them vicariously as a means of escape—it’s that sense of fantasy that resonates with collectors. Take, for example, Varouj Baltajian, who runs the TikTok account @mrchristmasvillage. The 35-year-old’s Christmas Village collection was born out of his obsession with playing the game SimCity 2000 as a child. “Being able to make my own city and keep my citizens happy was so much fun,” he recalls. “So in 2015, when my mom downsized and gave me her Christmas Village Buildings, I saw it as an extension of that same experience. I can make my own little city and come up with little stories for the townspeople.”

So, while Christmas towns may be associated with older generations, the growing variety and nostalgia they instill make them a worthy investment among younger demographics. What started as paper and wooden figurines have evolved into porcelain villages that can light up, animate, make sounds and play music. Today, you can find them in all kinds of stores around the world—from elaborate recreations of classic holiday films to more modern designs that lean toward minimalism. There is a Christmas Village for everyone. Like so many other variations of Christmas-themed decor, these landscapes seem timeless. As the miniature trend continues with all the bells and whistles, the Christmas Village offers a blissful escape where we can indulge in festive fantasies through small-scale collections.

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