Citizen Times photographer Angela Wilhelm documents life in Asheville

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Citizen Times photographer Angela Wilhelm documents life in Asheville

ASHEVILLE – My father had his own photography studio in New York City for a while when I was growing up. He was a self-taught photographer and often practiced portraiture by having my siblings and I pose in the studio, and everywhere we went.

So we have tons of Chávez family photos, except for my dad, since he was always behind the camera.

That’s what I notice about award-winning Citizen Times photojournalist Angela Wilhelm. She’s always busy capturing the visual heartbeat of Asheville, whether at the recent holiday parade, Friday night high school football, a restaurant opening or fall scenes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. But she’s not big on selfies.

So when I was reporting with Angela, I started taking photos of her at work.

I think this is some of my best work!

Citizen Times photojournalist Angie Wilhelm on assignment in 2019 on the Yellowstone Prong in Pisgah National Forest.

But no one can touch Angela’s work when it comes to photos and video. She is a true artist, but also the consummate photojournalist. Our reporters are some of the best in the state, their work is enhanced when accompanied by Angela’s photos.

A true photographer must not only have a good eye for detail, color and composition, but must have a good ear. I’ve seen Angela sit with a source who has experienced tragedy for hours, just listening, showing true compassion, only taking a photo if the source agrees, and sometimes leaving without a photo, if that’s what demands respect. Or asking her a follow-up question after hearing one of my interviews that made the story that much better.

Asheville Citizen Times photojournalist Angie Wilhelm captures scenes of devastation in Antigua and Barbuda in November 2017, just after Hurricane Maria.

A newspaper photographer must also be fast, sharp, fearless and physically strong, able to lug long lenses and tripods, sometimes up and down mountains. Nor should she be deterred by hurricanes or blizzards.

Angela is an action junkie who excels at covering sports, be it football, soccer or white water kayaking. Angela is also there to document Asheville’s rallies and court cases, protests and political debates. And all kinds of wildlife, from synchronous fireflies to brook trout, black bears to moose.

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She also published a beautiful children’s book, “Special for you, special for me,” unique in the world of illustrated children’s books. Her sister, Ashley Krupp, wrote the words and Angie provided photos of real Asheville children, rather than drawings.

"Special for you, special for me" by Ashley Krupp and with photography by Angela Wilhelm

If you have a visual story idea for Angela, email her at [email protected] Follow her work on the Citizen Times Instagram account @citizentimes. Here’s more about Angela in her own words:

Question: Where did you go to university and what did you study?

Answer: I graduated from Ohio University in 2011 after majoring in photojournalism.

Q: How long have you been a photographer? Where did you work before the Citizen Times?

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