City invites artists to create murals in places that have become targets for graffiti

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SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) — With the help of local and international artists, the city of Santa Ana is using a unique approach to fighting graffiti.

Rather than spending as much as $3 million a year painting on graffiti, the city said it would fund local arts and youth programs and allow artists and muralists to use their talents on walls that are often targets of graffiti.

“These murals are all over the city, unmarked, undamaged, and they are respected because they really give an identity to many of our communities and many of our cultures, something that is unique to us,” said Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento.

Programs such as the Graffiti Art Program (also known as GAP) promote artistic skills development and property restoration, and the city hopes to invest in programs such as GAP for long-term impact.

“We invest money in curating local art, and the artists themselves are residents of the neighborhood, whether they’re teens, college students, or parents,” said Santa Ana City Councilman Johnathan Ryan Hernandez, who represents Ward 5.

With the help of grassroots efforts, two new murals are coming to the Santa Anita area, which includes Districts 1 and 5. One of the murals will be on the Lucky Center Market side of West 5th Street, where eight artists are currently contributing their ideas.

“We’re trying to reflect on what a community is and how positive we can make these images for the community again with this mural,” said local artist and researcher Briyana Negrette.

A local muralist named La Artista Marina Aguilera is using her own childhood experiences as inspiration. She remembers being a young girl watching a pet store in Santa Anita burn down, which inspired a recent painting.

“There was a surreal moment when these green parrots that were pets in the pet store were running away…I’ll never forget that,” she said.

Work on the second mural will be located at 1st Street and Gunther Place and will begin this summer.

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