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London, UK, December 20, 2021, Chainwire

last week, The story broke Sea Amai Baumann, An Australian artist and executive of the Australian Arts Council who worked under a pseudonym Metaverse I owned an account for almost 10 years @metaverse On Instagram.

A week after Facebook announced on November 2nd that she had less than 1000 followers in her name and would change her name to: Meta, Thea has suspended their Instagram account. When I tried to log in, I got the following shocking message:

“Your account has been invalidated because you impersonated someone else.”

She tried to verify her apparent “fake” identity on Instagram, but it didn’t help. At that time, she had nothing to prove that she was really the original Metaverse artist, except for the NFT, which she accidentally mint a few days ago.

NFT from her first Instagram post

On October 30, Thea was testing a new platform and marketplace for NFT spaces that could incorporate social media posts into NFTs. All data and values ​​are transferred from Web2 to Web3 via a special minting process.. Creating an image from a post is easy, but it’s quite different from capturing the value of specific content and storing provenance data and rating quotes in a structured model.

Not known to her at the time, but what exactly is this I did it with her account and Instagram has been validated by validating her Instagram profile Social and wallet identity pairsThat is, her @metaverse handle will be on the chain via the public wallet address.

She very mint her First Instagram post from 2012 as an NFT I named it Metaverse flamingo.. This process runs on the chain within a minute with open and transparent transaction records. She became the owner of an NFT representing her first post on Instagram. In addition, she archived the original post to keep only the Web3 version alive.

Flamingo proved to be a valuable asset When she tried to restore the handle through the legal team. As evidence on the chain, it meant that no one could challenge the ownership of her account. It was the core evidence of her fight to regain her identity.

“We live in a system where you can lock your data and IDs and delete them out of nowhere. If you are an artist and your primary source of income depends on your online presence, you Can’t afford to lose it for free. We need a way to verify ownership, “Thea explains.

After the article in The New York Times, Thea’s @metaverse account was restored and returned to her without explanation from Meta.

Metaverse Flamingo NFT Auction

The original @metaverse Instagram post NFT will be auctioned at December 21, 2021 Begins with UTC 10:00 am..Auction revenue will be sent to Thea’s Punk fund Funding and liberating artists through education on NFTs and their monetization opportunities.

Don’t miss the live AMA with Thea at 10am UTC on December 20th on Twitter Spaces. Join discord participate! Click here to join

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