Colo Colo arrives at the Louvre: Ale Moreno, the Chilean artist and fan of the Cacique who will take his works to the famous Parisian museum

Colo Colo arrives at the Louvre: Ale Moreno, the Chilean artist and fan of the Cacique who will take his works to the famous Parisian museum

When Colo Colo’s national anthem reads that “Let’s all sing from Arica to Magallanes”, it falls short without a doubt. The Cacique is a phenomenon that crosses borders and even activities. It is not only present in sports, but also in different areas of life and culture.

There are different artists who base their work on the team they love and see Colo Colo as an inspiration. However, there is a painter who will go further and take his works to the very Musée du Louvre for an exhibition.

Alexander Moreno ( on Instagram) is a painter who has been in the business for quite some time. However, despite being new to the scene, his great talent has taken him to several countries with his work. Ale, as he is known, is a die-hard fan of Colo Colo and therefore the team he loves cannot be absent from his great passion.

In conversation with Dale Albo, Moreno points out that he has been ‘100% dedicated to painting since the pandemic. I never thought he would make a living out of this. I have exhibited more abroad than in Chile and at the end of the month I will be at the Louvre Museum, where different painters from all over the world are invited and I am so far the only one from South America. I will present some of my works there from 1 to 4 September”.

Furthermore, he adds that “I plan to do something related to Colo Colo. I have always been connected to Colo since childhood. I have been a T-shirt collector for 30 years, I am a partner, a shareholder and I always go to the stadium. I’m going to exhibit work there, I’m still defining”, says the artist whose great idol is Marcelo Fabián Espina.

Moreno emphasizes that he has had to travel a lot. Peru, Miami, now Paris for the exhibition in the famous museum. Later she would have to go to Mexico and even sent one of the more than 600 paintings he made to countries like Kuwait and China.

The Albo fan has a well marked pop art style. According to account, “It was born from that simple idea of ​​how a few shadows can represent an entire face. How a few dark or black stripes can represent an image or face of a person”. It is that in addition to the colocolinas works it has a large number of paintings with different inspirations.

His relationship with Colo Colo

The 44-year-old artist has been a Cacique fan for as long as he can remember. His whole family is a fan of Popular and he goes to the stadium all the time. He even had the chance to deliver paintings to Pablo Solari, Arturo Vidal and Esteban Paredes.

“To players from Colo Colo, I made one for Pibe (Solari), the one with the saving goal and I gave it to him. I have two paintings for (Esteban) Paredes that he has to pick up and I also painted about 3 paintings for Arturo Vidal. I also made one for his mother who goes out with him.” In addition, he points out that his goal is to deliver a painting to Marcelo Barticciotto and Leonardo Gil.

Although he has decided to take a painting of Colo Colo to the Louvre, he is still not sure which one to take. This, because the organization of the exhibition requires certain measures, therefore he continues to work on the sketches which, once taken on the canvas, are practically the same as the images.

Finally, Moreno admits the great dream of exhibiting his works in the Monumental Stadium. According to him, “I make a collection of paintings to have the stock and make an exhibition. I have not reached any agreement or institution at the leadership level, but I would like to make an exhibition in the hall of the stadium”.

Check out some of Alejandro Moreno’s work below

The sketches of the colocolinas works of Ale Moreno


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